the war of 1812

by: Ashlyn Woodling


This is my sequence of events on the war of 1812. The war of 1812 was almost like the second war.

leading up to the war

France and britan thretend to attack american ships and take their cargo.The Great britan and the U.S were in conflict over northwest territory.
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war with great britan

war hawks argued in favored over was aginst britan. if the british left canada the U.S would have land and less conflcts over american indians.

the war at sea

naval victory was fought on lake Eire. American warships like the USS constitution defeted the british warship.

battle on land

in 1814 british attacked Washington, D.C. the british tried to capture baltamore. fun fact the presedent of the united states lives in the white house.
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fighting for New Orleans

1814 they agread to end war. 1815 the peace had reached the british attacked New Orleans .

the return of peace

britan and france ended the war. many americans felt more confident.
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