Matchbox Rockets

By: Sawyer Richards

Why I Chose This

I chose this project because I wanted to see how a matchhead could launch a rocket 20-30 feet away

Steps To Make Matchbox Rockets

  1. Get a box of matches, aluminium foil, aluminium foil tape, and a bamboo skewer.
  2. Take the matches and cut of the match head.
  3. Print the cutting template
  4. Carefully line up the bamboo skewer on the template
  5. Mark the parts that need to be cut
  6. Cut the were the marks are
  7. Take the other part of the template and cut it onto a card board box
  8. Cut out the small square in the center onto your cardboard
  9. Trace the square onto aluminum foil tape.
  10. Fold the Squares one corner edge to another
  11. Pinch at the base of the triangle and push together
  12. Crease the triangle and it should look like a little x-wing
  13. Cut of the top
  14. Get your template and cut it out onto aluminium foil.
  15. To make the launch pad cut a small hole at the top about a 1/2 inch from the end
  16. Find the paper template and find were it says bamboo skewer and match head
  17. Put the skewer in place with the match head on one of the aluminium foil pieces we cut out
  18. Carefully roll it up together and pinch right above the match head
  19. Fold the extra area down and use pliers to make sure no air escapes
  20. Take one of the fins we make out of aluminium foil tape and take it and put it over the rocket and use the sticky side on the rocket body
  21. Take out the foil rocket
  22. And you are done!!!

Here´s a Video to Show You How to Make It

How To Make a Matchbox Rocket Launching Kit

The Challenging Parts

Some of the more challenging parts of this project was making it out of tin foil this was a big struggle for me because the foil would easily rip so in took a couple tries to get it right. This project was also time consuming so I had to work at a faster pace to make sure I would be able to get it done.

If I Had More Time To Work On The Project How Would I extend It?

I would extended the project by trying to make a big version of the tin foil rocket and try to get it to work like the mini ones.

Test Flight Video