How to survive a Tsunami

By:Oscar Cano

How to survive a Tsunami?

Most people decide to run to higher ground,But it will be very hard when you are scared of dying.
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Do and Dont's

You should help other people get help.

You shouldn't go back to the Tsunami if you forgot something.

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Tips on surviving a Tsunami

Some tips you should know are getting tools you may need will increase your chance of surviving.Another tip is get a group together so if someone gets injured someone can help you out.
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Where can you find help?

You can ask someone who is around you for help.
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How to help another person

If someone else needs help you should help them get out of a bad situation.
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Special tools that may help you in case of a Tsunami

You can use natures things like things you find around you.Try to get many people as possible in a group.
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How to know if a Tsunami is coming

When you feel an earthquake just keep in mind a Tsunami may come.When you feel it go away from it as soon as possible.You should also tell people to get away for their safety and yours.
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Interesting Facts about Tsunami's

-May be 30 feet big.

-Sucks people into the water and doesn't let go.

-Starts by an earthquake.

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Characteristics a person must have in order to survive

There is a lot of characteristics a person must have in order to have a higher chance for surviving a Tsunami.The three that I think are the best to have are Intelligent,Quick,and Calm.
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