Barbuda Beach

Garrett Lyons


Barbuda beach is located in North America and is a part of the Caribbean Islands. It is pinpointed at 17N and 61W.

Type of beach

Barbuda is an active coast that is located close to a plate boundary. It is classified as active because it is land that is constantly moving. It is also a primary coast in which it was formed by non-marine actions. Its features were created by geologic processes such as the moving of tectonic plates. It is a submergent coast because the sea level around it is constantly rising, therefore the whole island will be under water eventually.


Sand color and origin

The sand on the beaches of Barbuda originated from limestone. It was originally a coral reef that got raised above the sea. The sand color is a pinkish white tint.

Other Features

In the south the highlands slope down to meet the plain and in the eastern, windward side, the Atlantic Ocean has eroded the coast into rocky headlands although much of the rest of the coastline is characterized by the renowned sandy beaches. It is known for having shallow water and small waves. It is a very relaxing and popular tourist spot.
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Popular Tourist Attraction

Barbuda Beach is a very popular tourist destination, as seen in the picture above, a couple is enjoying the calm, refreshing water.