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Resources for Writing Workshop

In this month's newsletter, I'm sharing a collection of resources for writing workshop. I've collected blog posts filled with tips for managing the length of a unit, fitting it all into a lesson, and engaging writers. There are also a few resources for informational writing, which is the current unit of study for many grades. Enjoy!

If you need a smile, check out this adorable video from Kid President on 25 Reasons to Be Thankful. Working with all of you would be on the top of my list!

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Blogposts to Support Writing Instruction

Units of Study That Go On Forever

Does this title sound familiar? Beth Moore has great tips on which mini lessons to skip, what to do if students are ready and how to handle interruptions in a unit.

Fitting It All In

I know we are all struggling to fit it all in. In this post, Lanny Ball shares suggestions for making small adjustments to fit more in your lessons.

The Power of Language

I love this post! Lanny Ball reflects on the importance of the words we use when giving directions and feedback during writing workshop.

Student Agency

Deb Frazier discusses the importance of building agency and independence in our students in order to minimize our interruptions during writing workshop.

Communicating with Parents

Betsy Hubbard shares thoughts on how to give advice to parents related to writing development. This article will be especially helpful to teachers in the primary grades.

Engaging Writers

Kathleen Sokolowski's posti is full of tips (as well lots of links to other resources and posts!) for engaging writers. If you have need suggestions for engaging your writers, take the time to explore this post.

Favorite New Informational Mentor Texts

Ideas for Informational Text

Melissa Stewart has outstanding resources on her blog including mentor texts, videos and lessons to support your work with informational text.

Transitional Phrases for Informative Writing

Great charts and language to share with writers.

New Book Recommendations

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