Mrs. Fastero's Class

A Peak at the Week 8/28- 9/1


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Important Dates!

8/30- Late Start Wednesday

9/1- DOL morning quiz, Spelling test, Journeys Reading unit tests

9/1- Brickie Friday (dress in your purple and gold)

Following week:

9/4- LABOR DAY- No school!

9/7- Picture Day

What's Happening in Room 211

Homework, Chromework, and In Class Lessons

Reminder: Planners are checked daily first thing every morning. 20 minutes of reading is assigned every night. If it is signed by a parent, students will earn dojo points as a reward for good study habits/responsibility. If it is not signed, there is no penalty, but it is not helping your child become a better reader. This policy is the same for homework except spelling.

In addition, students need to remember their 'Chrome-work' every night. Chrome books need to come to school charged. If a student comes to school with an uncharged chrome book, it is the same as not having one. It is the students responsibility to charge and bring it back each day. Failure to comply results in a warning. Each additional offense after that results in a lunch detention. If students forget it, the school will NOT allow parents to bring it in. We use our chrome books everyday during reading and math rotations.

Math- We are going to be starting Topic 1 in math later this week, which we will be learning strategies to use for learning multiplication and division. We have been taking daily timed tests in addition to prep students for the upcoming multiplication they will learn.

Reading- We are reading a story called 'A Fine, Fine School' in our Journeys books, which will be tested over on Friday.

Phonics- We will be looking at words with short vowels (spelling words)

Vocabulary- The words that go with our Reading unit this week are: principal, announced, soared, proud, certainly, fine, strolled, and worried. These are part of the Journeys test which is tested on.

Social Studies- N/A

Science- N/A

Spelling- Spelling words go with the phonics skills each week. This weeks words all have short vowels. If students pass the pre-test on Monday with a 90% or higher, they do NOT have to do their spelling contract homework for the week. If students scored a 100% on the pre-test they are exempt from the contract AND the Friday spelling test.

All other homework is as follows: (This was in our classroom handbook)

Homework is important because it helps reinforce what has been learned in class, prepares students for upcoming lessons, and helps students develop positive study habits. However, Third Grade will be using a new homework policy this year:

  • Homework will be sent home daily for practice on skills we are learning in class. These assignments will be recorded in students’ planners and will usually include Spelling, Math, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and/or Nightly Reading.

  • Students can complete homework for practice and reinforcement with parental guidance. However, homework does not need to be returned to school and will not be collected.

  • Practice will be evident through thoughtful class participation, class work, and assessments. Please send in any questions that arise while completing homework.

  • Should your child complete his or her homework, you can initial their planner. We will assume that if you sign your child’s planner, homework has been completed. Should students complete their homework and get their planner signed, they will earn an extra Dojo point. There is no penalty for not completing homework or not getting planners signed.

  • Projects that will be collected may be sent home at the teacher’s discretion. The topic of these projects will vary, but detailed directions will always be sent home.

Every Friday, students are tested over a reading unit, which includes the spelling, vocab, grammar, phonics, and comprehension skills. In addition, we have DOL quizzes from our morning work. The pink phonics papers that you will see on the tests are similar to IREAD skills. If your child is struggling on the pink phonics sheets, be sure to go over it with them.

A reminder that your child needs to either wear or bring their GYM shoes on Wednesdays for gym class.

A reminder to also send back in those parent forms from back to school night/first day of school. My classroom handbook form is due back by Friday, September 1st.

Brickie water bottles were sent home the first day of school. Reminder that they should not go in the dishwasher; hand-wash only.

About Our Class

Don't forget to join our Facebook page if you haven't already. I post daily homework and updates. I am also using dojo that you can check on your phone, Ipad, or computer daily to check-in on your child's day. They earn positive points for doing good things, and lose points if they make poor decisions.