Algebra 2B Concepts Syllabus

Everything you need to know for success

Welcome to my classroom!

Hello mathematicians! My name is Natalie Thomas and I am your instructor this term. Read this document entirely! It is going to set you up for success and answer all of the basics. Please contact me if you have any questions about what you read here.

Save my contact information!

Direct phone number: 480-436-5148

Text messsage: 520-261-5142


A new approach...

This term I am doing things differently in my live classroom. Instead of offering one-hour learning sessions, I am limiting them to 20 minutes, tops! I will refer to these as "POWER LEARNING SESSIONS"! You are required to attend just one of these sessions per week, but can come as often as you'd like. These sessions will be fast and furious, so come prepared to take notes!

My live lesson schedule will always be posted in course announcements AND sent out in my weekly emails/portal messages (look for these messages every Monday morning!)

The link for live sessions will also be posted in course announcements AND sent out in my weekly emails/portal messages!

If you cannot attend my power learning sessions you may submit a recorded lesson (and quiz) instead. However, the quiz must be submitted to me no later than Sunday at 11:59pm of the week you are seeking credit for (meaning: once the Sunday after week 1 passes, you cannot earn credit for week 1 live/recorded sessions any more)

The links for recorded sessions all exist in the same spreadsheet. The link to that spread sheet is (you guessed it!) posted in course announcements and the weekly messages.