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Monday, September 25, 2017

Mark Your Calendar! Upcoming Events

9/25-28: IOWA Testing for 8th Graders

10/2: Fall Picture Day

10/6: Teacher Work Day--No School for Students

10/9: Columbus Holiday--No School

Updating Contact Information in Home Access Center

Please verify student contact information via Home Access Center. Updates are requested to be complete prior to Friday, October 6th. Thank you for your assistance in our commitment to student safety.

  1. Access the Parent Portal/HAC on the Fulton County webpage, (passwords available in front office)

  2. Select “Registration” at the top of the page.

  3. Under Contacts, first verify the STUDENT ADDRESS and click “Edit” to verify the phone number (this information will be listed in the student directory). If the information in this block is incorrect, email Special note: If a home phone has been eliminated, a parent cell phone is currently listed in this block. Please review carefully. We do not advise the listing of student’s personal cell numbers.

  4. Verify the remainder of contacts. Some information may not have changed if the emergency contact also has a student enrolled in Fulton County schools.

  5. The guardian associated with the HAC password may change their email by selecting “Edit” and “Save”.

  6. Privacy selections: Under FERPA Information, “Edit”, you may select your student’s privacy setting. There are four categories.

  1. Student ID/Name-if this box is checked, the student’s name will be withheld from public view. This does include the directory and yearbook.

  2. Student Phone- if this box is checked, the student’s phone will be withheld from public view. This does include the directory.

  3. Student Address- if this box is checked, the student’s address will be withheld from public view. This does include the directory.

  4. Student Photo- if this box is checked, the student’s photo will be withheld from public view. This does include the yearbook.

Fall Picture Day

Monday, October 2nd is Fall Picture Day. All students and staff will be photographed and these pictures will be used in the yearbook.

Math Team Wins 1st Place at Walton High School Math Fest!

Congratulations to the following students: Alan Qiao, Sophia Ho, Cindy Fu, and Yash Choudhary for all of their hard work. In addition to placing 1st place as a team; Alan Qiao won individual second place and Cindy Fu won individual fourth place. Congratulations again to these students for their team work and dedication!

Breakfast for Lunch!

For one day only, TRMS Café will be serving up breakfast for lunch! On Wednesday, September 27th, your TRMS café will feature a breakfast entrée for lunch! Please come by and enjoy!

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SOS- Signs of Suicide Program ( 7th grade only)

Dear Parent or Guardian:

The adolescent years are marked by a roller-coaster ride of emotions—difficult for youths, their parent, and educators. It is easy to misread depression as normal adolescent turmoil; however, depression (among the most common of mental illnesses) appears to be occurring at a much earlier age. Depression—which treatable—is leading risk factor for suicide. In addition, self-injury has become a growing problem among youth. To proactively address these issues, Fulton County Schools is offering suicide prevention lesson through Signs of Suicide Prevention Program.

Our SOS program goals are as follows:

• To explain that suicide is a preventable tragedy that often occurs as a result of untreated depression

• To provide students training in how to identify serious depression and potential risk of suicide in a friend

• To impress upon students they can help themselves or a friend by taking the simple step of talking to responsible adult about their concerns

These sessions will be conducted through our Science classes or another appropriate class on Friday, October 13, 2017 . If you DO NOT wish for your child to participate in the SOS suicide prevention lesson at school, please print and sign the parent letter from link below or pick up a form in front office. If we DO NOT hear from you by the following date: Tuesday, October 10, 2017 , we will assume your child has permission to participate in this program. If you have any questions or concerns about this program please do not hesitate to contact your local School Counseling Department.


The Counseling Team

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Digital Citizenship from Common Sense

The past couple of weeks TRMS has been focusing on digital citizenship. Students have participated in digital citizenship lessons from Common Sense Media on topics such as cyberbullying, copyright, safety online, and other topics. Please check out the Common Sense Media Website and the articles below for parent resources on digital citizenship.

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TRMS Device Behavior Matrix

TRMS Device Behavior Matrix

At the following link, you will find the TRMS Device Behavior Matrix. The behavior matrix explains classroom expectations in reference to the use of students’ Dell Latitude 3150 laptops. It also lists the consequences for students who do not adhere to these expectations. Please review the document and discuss these expectations with your child. TRMS Device Behavior Matrix


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