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April/May Bulletin

Monday 21-3rd Grade to FNB @ 1:30

Tuesday-22-Lexia Reading Core 5 Presentation in Library @ 3:30, MTSS visitors 8-10:00 am

Wednesday 23-Conference (Wichita), Breakfast Buddies in Cafeteria (Group B), 1st Grade to FNB @ 9:30, 2nd Grade to FNB @ 1:30

Thursday 24-K-4 Collaboration/K-4 Panther Time, 4th Grade to FNB @ 1:30

Friday 25-Kindergarten Round-Up, 1st Grade Hospital Tours

Monday 28-Conference (Manhattan), 3rd & 4th Grade AIMSWEB

Tuesday 29-2nd Grade AIMSWEB, IEP @ 7:40, BOE Meeting @ 7:30 am

Wednesday 30-2nd & 3rd Ag Safety Day 9:15, 1st Grade AIMSWEB, Breakfast Buddies in Cafeteria (Group A & B-Will come together for their last visit)

Thursday 1-Kindergarten AIMSWEB

Friday 2-Kindergarten AIMSWEB, IEP @ 11:00, IEP @ 1:00

Monday 5-

Tuesday 6-Rocket Launch K-4, Teacher Appreciation Luncheon in Lounge from 11:00-1:00

Wednesday 7-3rd Grade Field Trip to Hays, 4th Grade Physicals

Thursday 8-4th Grade Field Trip to Hays, 3rd Grade Physicals

Friday 9-2nd Grade to Fort Bissell, 1st Grade Author's Tea @ 2:15

Monday 12-4th Grade to Fort Bissell & Park

Tuesday 13-3rd Grade to park @ 11:20

Wednesday 14-Kindergarten to Park 10:00, 1st to City Library, 4th Grade MS Orientation 10:00, Awards Assembly for 2-4th grade @ 8:30 in the gym, PM Preschool class @ CIty Park

Thursday 15-AM Preschool class to park @ 9:30, PES Olympics (details to follow)

Friday 16-Last Day of School!

Music @ PCRC

May 12th: 12:45-2nd Grade (Bus at 12:30), 2:30-Kindergarten (Bus @ 2:20)

May 13th: 11:00-4th Grade (Bus at 10:55), 1:30-1st Grade (Bus at 1:20)

May 14th: 10:00-3rd Grade (Bus at 9:55)

PES Book Fair

Thursday, May 1st, 8am to Wednesday, May 7th, 3:15pm

Phillipsburg Elementary School, Phillipsburg, KS, United States

Phillipsburg, KS

Brain Breaks

At the KAESP Spring Conference I attended on Monday, they talked about brain breaks in the classroom. The teachers who presented the session highly recommended GoNoodle. This sight has calm-breathing exercises, energizing exercises, and many other videos to relax or charge up your students batteries. I also included some other sights that they use in their classrooms.

They did mention the key to using the brain breaks is to have rules during the breaks. Such as, no talking and to stay in your bubble. This helps to keep them focused on the break and not on each other.

Lexia Reading Core 5 Presentation

Tuesday, April 22nd, 3:30pm

Phillipsburg Elementary School, Phillipsburg, KS, United States

Phillipsburg, KS

The presentation will be held in the library from 3:30-4:30.

Reading teachers please attend this presentation as we will be deciding if this program would be a good fit for our school.

PES Spring Program

Wow!! What great performances from our 1st-4th grade students and staff. Mrs. Munyon, Mrs. Dinkel, Mrs. Dewitt, and all those that played a part in putting the "Island Time" themed program on did an outstanding job! Thanks for all your hard work!