Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein was an intelligent professor and a scientist. Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany. He was raised by is mother and father he had one little sister. He mired Milevamaric then is second wife was his cusin elsa lowenthal thay had three kids together.alberteinstein was novalprize winner.he stued e mc 2.he did not under stand will as other kids and adults because he was more intsted in more sciens than math

he died on alpril 1978


he won an award for all the work he did throw his life throw his life he said he loved his doing his science.throw half of his life he was an professor he doing educated math but one thing is he did not understand as well as kids and others he was more into science than being a professor because he like science and he understand science more


he in science used an dock of time to use an force of energy to start an roller coaised then they had a town Albert Einstein world they lots of ride for kids to ride to have fun they had this gravity ball that someone goes 140 miles Jake Albert Einstein good aventer

he had an intelligent worker in science he solved things by using he,s brain and he read books and he try doing all the work the was reading he try 18 times to get its

Personal Impresssion

he was a very wise person he was all was reading to study and he was a intelligent  he did sudy sudy so many times intell he got it riht