Feudal Society in Europe

By: Sheetal

What is the feudal society? Who set up the feudal system?

It is considered as the political and social structure of societies that maintain order.

-The counts took order in the societies

-grew independently by collecting taxes, having armed forces, administering local affairs...

- The counts set up the feudal system that influenced Europe over time.

Lords And Vassals

Generally this relationship is summarized as the lords giving the vassals benefices(fiefs) in which with that the vassals supported the themselves. The benefices were usually land although there may be others.

In return of the benefice, the vassal had to show loyalty, obedience, respect, etc. to the Lord.

This relationship is not a brand new creation. It had once originated in military recruitment practices of Roman and early Frankish times. Yet the relationship existed in this time had the most effect and significance.

Serfs and Manors

-slaves and free peasants. Both worked the same type of tasks

-Free peasants: sought for little protection from lords and owed obedience and labor.

-neither fully slaves or fully free. sime free=serfs

-Serf rights: were able to pass on to heirs and needed to ask permission to marry another serf from different lord.

-Manor: “Principal form of agricultural organization in western Europe.”

- large section of land including meadows, serfs(bound to land), forest, agricultural tools, domestic animals...

-Lord was high superior of the manor. They had th power to execute serfs for misconduct

- craft skills developed on manor would serve prosperous in economy.