Hina’s Biography

By Cole L. 8C

Introduction to Hina

Hina Khan was born in Okara Cantt, Pakistan on August 15, 2002. She is 13 years of age. Hina’s mother is named Zareen Nadeem, and her father is named Nadeem Maqsood. Also, Hina does not have any siblings. Hina would like you to know that most of the men in her family either serves or has served in the army.

Where Hina has been and where she'd like to go

Hina lives on Fairview Street here in Mississauga, and in the past has lived in Pakistan and Toronto. So far in her life, Hina has only traveled to Pakistan, but she would like to travel to and even live in both Dubai and Turkey.

Hina's academic and future careers

Hina preforms excellent academically in many subjects, but Music, Language, Art and History are her absolute best. Hina has three major jobs she’d like to do in the future, and she’s still trying to choose between them. She wants to be either a doctor, architect or lawyer. She would like to do these jobs because she has a genuine interest in them. She believes she would do well doing these jobs because she’s interested in them, and she says when she’s interested in something, she invests her time into learning the subject/craft and doing it well.

Hina's hobbies and dislikes

Hina loves to draw, paint, and play the piano in her spare time. She is very intrigued with the arts. She and her friends thoroughly enjoy watching Bollywood movies together. Hina despises when she writes and gets writers block because she’ll have to go back to her story later instead of just completing it then.

More about Hina

Her favourite actor is Hrithik Roshan because she thinks he can dance well in his movies and because she believes he has passion for what he does. Hina’s best friend is Zahra Hashemy of 8D. They have been friends for several years now and have many mutual interests. Lastly, Hina has stated that she doesn’t really do all that much with her family because they don’t spend much time together.

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