Tips if You Get Stranded in Canada

By Maya Smith

10 Tips

  1. Be Careful of What You Eat: You could accidentally eat something poisonous

  2. Watch for Animals: all It takes is one animal before many more come

  3. Have a Sharp Object: a sharp object can scar away pretenders

  4. Watch For Wild Moos: they can kill you if you disturb them.

  5. Fire can Also Scare Away Animals: it can help you stay warm

  6. Coserv Water: you die faster without water

  7. Don't panic: breathe deeply and think slowly.

  8. Build a shelter: you need a place that you can stay out of the weather
  9. Find a Something Sharp: you need something sharp
  10. Make a Way so a plane flying overhead an see you: make a big sight in the dirt
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