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Keeping Teachers in the Loop!

Loads of New Resources!

We've got new databases, new digital cameras, and new educational games!

Let me help you find the books and articles you need to meet the expectations of the Common Core!

How can the library help make your life easier? :)

10 Digital Video Cameras

Kieran Ryan and I applied for an instructional grant last year for digital video cameras. We were awarded 10 Sony Bloggies. The purpose is to get the technology into the hands of students. They are very easy to use - the sixth graders have already used them in library. If you are interested, but not sure where to start, just ask! I'd be happy to spend some time with you to help plan how you can use them in your class.

Gaming Library

New Databases!

Visit the Research Tools page on the library wiki page for links to all our databases.

Stop by the library on the dates below for more information about each database! I will bring treats!!!

If a date doesn't work, I'll be happy to meet with you individually, too.

A Few More Items...

  • We have Playaways for students and your class!
  • Literary Lunch will be starting up in a few weeks for grades 3-6.
  • Library Helpers will also be starting for 4th graders.
  • Looking for something to do during the your "block" time? Think LIBRARY! :)
  • I'm in the process of replacing VHS with DVDs. Please let me know if there are video tapes that I absolutely must replace with a DVD.
  • Because this is a year of transition with regard to the Common Core, I have not placed my book order yet. So, let me know if there are curricular areas that need more support.
  • I am always available for collaboration on projects: large or small! It doesn't have to be a huge research project! I am here to help!
  • Are you planning on focusing on a specific genre? Let me know ahead of time so I can develop some booktalks for your class!