What's up in D121?

Newsletter for 2.13.13


The students have been very chatty and silly. We are struggling to focus and listen QUIETLY! Please remind your child that speaking while someone else is-especially an adult is disrespectful. I know we are all ready for our break on Monday which usually helps us come back to school more focused.

RETEST...we didn't study!

After grading the Social Studies Tests I was sad all night! In the Wednesday Folder your child has their test on pink paper. They are to have you sign it and study it before the retest tomorrow! They will see a very similar version of this test tomorrow before the Valentine's Day party.

I was disappointed in these grades because I gave them study notes. From the test scores I could tell that some of them did not study.


Busy learning!

We are moving right alone learning and growing as students. We have begun to think about and talk about PASS which will be here before we know it.

Science: We are continuing right with our study of Matter. The students are loving the experiments that come along with this unit. Next week we will study dissolving and particle size.

Math: We are studying measurement, this week we have been working with rulers to measure the nearest eighth of an inch. Beginning tomorrow we will work with perimeter, area and volume.

ELA: Students are beginning to focus on intentional writing for a prompt. We have already written to the prompt:Write about time you were brave and next week we will write towards another prompt. Reading groups are meeting as usual. Word Study groups have begun to look for words around the world that they can add to their groups.

Social Studies: Soon we will be finishing up our World War II unit. The students have absolutely loved working on this unit. I am excited that our Valentine's movie will be about WWII.

Important Dates

2-14:Valentine's Day Party Please send in your donations


2-15:Measurement Quiz

2-18: President's Day NO SCHOOL

2-21:Area/Perimeter/Volume Quiz

2-26:WWII Test

3-7: Matter Test in Science

3-13:Late Start

3-19&20: PASS Writing

3-29: Teacher Workday NO SCHOOL


4-24: Late Start

5-2: Musical Presentation at Sullivan Middle School (7:00)


This year as a fifth grader your child has the exciting opportunity to be honored with a love line in the yearbook. I will attach an order form to this email.


As always please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.