Benjamin Solomon Carson

Sept. 18, 1951 - Present

Family and Nationality

Benjamin Carson was born to Sonya and Robert Carson, an African American family in Detroit on September 18th, 1951. He had a brother named Curtis Carson. The two grew up in poverty and without a father after some time, since the lack of time he was there led to a divorce. Benjamin's mother, though only having a third grade education pushed her two sons to excel at school.


Benjamin struggled through his years of learning through elementary and middle school. His mother had strict guidelines set in place for him and Curtis, not allowing a lot of spare time to hang out with friends or watch TV. As Ben carried out through elementary and middle school he began to enjoy reading and preferred it over TV anyways. While poor he saw that there wasn't a whole lot of places he could go with friends anyways. By the time he was in high school Benjamin managed to get very good grades and was one of the top in his school. After graduating from high school, Ben was accepted into Yale, where he earned a B.A. degree in psychology. After graduating from Yale in 1973, he enrolled in the School of Medicine at the University of Michigan, where he decided he wanted to be a Neurosurgeon rather than a Psychologist. After all his schooling, his final and present job is Neurosurgery at John Hopkins Medical Center.


Contributions To Science

Benjamin Carson's works were what created the procedures for removing Siamese twins from one another without killing either one. Now, both twins are able to live as separate people.

Famous Quote

"Do your best and let god do the rest"

-Ben Carson


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