Tech Rules For Parents

By Japraj Saran

Obey Copyright Laws

People from India have a problem on downloading content for free even though it costs a lot of money. For example some of my cousins in India had a lot of games, music, and videos. But I could tell that all of that was not bought. I could tell this because in India there is a lot of poverty, so I am pretty sure that they wouldn't spend a lot of money on music, games and videos. Go to this link to see more info. My last point is that you can get fined $150 000 per illegal download. This is under Section 504.

Personal Info

A lot of people share their passwords to there best friends. But later they will not be your friends and they will use everything in that account against you. So my point here is not to share passwords with anyone, not even you best friend. Because if you do, you probably will regret it. Same thing with credit card info and address. Stuff like that should stay to your self. Because again it might come back to you and bite you in the butt. You should also not talk or chat with anyone on-line if you do not know the person. My last point is to also make strong passwords. Not something like 123456. Make a password with at least 8 letters, 1 number, 1 capital letter, and 1 lower-case letter. Then it would be a lot harder for people to figure out your password.


Do not cyber bully anyone you do not or you do know on line. Because if you do then you could get fined and put in jail. For example, if you have a friend that sent you something inappropriate about someone else then do not send it to anyone else. Because if you do then you are also part of the problem. Also don't say anything mean to anyone on line or in person. That just hurts people feelings and you could go to jail.

New Email

People sometimes get so caught up in free stuff that they do these surveys that are fake. These surveys take your private information and make them public. Plus the prize that they say they will give you is also fake. These things come up in emails a lot. So what I suggest is to not do these surveys and just spam them.

Someone Added You as Their Friend

Sometimes you are just sitting around and someone adds you as their friend. If you do not know the person then just delete them or block them. Because most of the time these people are just hackers. They want you to trust them so then they get a chance to take your passwords or other personal info. So just block them or delete them from your friends list.

You Have a Virus Click Here to Fix It

These types of messages pop up all of the time. And sometimes people think these things are real so they click on them. These messages are just hackers trying to get all of your info like address and bank info. To stop these go to the chrome store and download the plugin Ad block. It is totally free and it gets rid of every single ad on your computer.

Do Not Text While Driving

If you get a text and it is really important, don't text while driving. Stop your car on the side of the road and then text the person. If you don't the risks are high. You could go to jail, get in an accident, or get fined. The fine is $20 to $10 000.

Don't Use Handheld Devices

People try to talk on the phone while they drive. This is a risk to everybody. You could run over someone, get fined, or die in an accident. A lot of people die in accidents because of talking on the phone while driving. Who knew how dangerous talking on the phone could be. I would suggest to user a Bluetooth. Not like this guy below.

Do not Hack Other People Accounts

People hack other peoples accounts. This is not a very good idea. You could get fined $100 000 and go to jail for 30 years. That is a lot of time. People tend to hack accounts because they want revenge on someone, they want to humiliate them, or mainly just get all of there personal info.

Do not Download

I am not saying do not download anything ever. I am just saying only download files that you trust. Some websites like Softonic is a website I do not trust. I trusted them once but I got a virus. But websites like Youtube to MP3 down-loader is a thing I trust.