Library News

Tusculum Elementary School

April Lessons Options Kindergarten-Second Grade

The Greedy Librarian
The teacher-librarian will do an interactive Read-Aloud of the book The Greedy Triangle.
After checking out a book, students will have the following center options:
  1. INDEPENDENT READING anywhere in the library.
  2. BOOK BUDDIES students may read with one friend quietly.
  3. MAGNA-TILES student may can work independently or with a buddy to build shapes.
  4. BOOK CENTER- These are cool books with Math that Ms. Wood has chosen for you.
  5. LEGOS- Student will only use the Legos to build shapes.

April Lessons Options Second-Fourth Grade

Animals and Habitats (Two-week lesson)
Students will pick an animal and do a five-slide PowerPoint to include:
  1. Name of presenter and animal.
  2. Facts about the animal and habitat
  3. Characteristics that make it necessary to survive in the habitat.
  4. Explain how these features help the animal survive.
  5. List of resources. (Must have at least two)
Students may do more research than is required.