Keystone AEA Parent Newsletter

Focus on Behavior: February 2016

Solving the Discipline Puzzle: Steps for Growing Respectful and Responsible Kids

Keystone AEA Parent & Educator Connection is proud to offer a free Parent Workshop presented by Patricia Wells, Director of Creating Student Success (and former Director of the Iowa Behavioral Alliance) on March 10th from 6:00-8:00 in Keystone AEA in Elkader. The workshop will help parents find simple methods that help their kids be respectful and responsible while ensuring strong positive relationships with them and keep peace at home.

Join us to learn how to:

  • View discipline problems as a chance to help your child learn new, socially appropriate ways to behave.
  • Use common socials skills for children and youth to guide your discipline efforts.
  • Clarify your personal expectations for your child/youth at home, creating more peaceful routines.
  • Strengthen your child/youth and increase desired behaviors through the use of effective praise.
  • Look at misbehavior as a teaching opportunity and to peacefully correct your child/youth.

Parents are encouraged to attend the workshop in person. However, teleconference participation will be available using Zoom (telephone or computer). A teleconference site will also be available at Keystone AEA in Dubuque. Parents who select participation by Zoom via computer or telephone will receive further details through email. Please go to by February 26th to register for the workshop.

Behavior Resources for Families of Young Children

The Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention has created "The Backpack Connection Series" as a way for teachers and parents/caregivers to work together to help young children develop social emotional skills and reduce challenging behavior.

The Backpack Connection Series includes handouts in four categories:

• Addressing Behavior
• Emotions
• Routines and Schedules
• Social Skills

All of the informational sheets can be found here.

Parent & Educator Connection Library

Did you know that Keystone AEA has a library full of materials available for check-out to parents and educators? Some of these resources include: Love and Logic Books and DVDs, 123 Magic, disability specific materials, post-secondary transition materials and much more. For a complete list of materials, please contact Brooke Gassman at 1-800-632-5918 or

Keystone AEA Parent & Educator Connection

Since 1984, Keystone AEA's Parent & Educator Connection (PEC) has worked to develop and sustain effective partnerships between families, educators, and community providers to promote success for all children and youth with disabilities. The PEC has provided a unique opportunity for parents and educators to build partnerships to improve educational programs for children and young adults with special needs. Every AEA has a PEC program. Each program has an Educator Coordinator and a Parent Coordinator. PEC Coordinators work with parents and schools, they are also parents of children or young adults with special needs. Click here for more parent resources on transition planning.