An extraordinary element! By: Marshall Sweeden👍

Did you know atoms had an Atomic Make-Up

With 74 Protons and the same amount of Electrons, it leaves room for the atomic mass equaling up to 183.84 amu. That only leaves room for 110 Neutrons, isn't that a beatiful looking atom?

One Cool Dude 😎

Wednesday, Oct. 30th, 12am

The Periodic Table

The letter W reps the name of Tungsten. Its solid as a rock...LITERALLY. With the Melting point at 3422°C and the Boiling point at 5555°C, He is one cool dude.

Wanting the win

Entering at about $.11 per gram, is Tungsten. Raised high that he lives in the transition metal family group, his family is always loving it. Along with several uses some of which including; to harden saw blades, uses in rings, and even uses in light bulbs. I think its clear he won the talent and the relation categories!