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Elizabeth Haddon School - Haddonfield, NJ


Reader's Workshop

By: Jeffrey, Holly & Emme

This month in reading we have been doing some really fun things! For example, book clubs! In book clubs, each group gets assigned a book. And on certain cycle days we meet up and talk about what we read. Then, we talk about the book and ask questions about the book, so we usually do book clubs every week or twice a cycle. Each Day One we do vocabulary centers to learn new words. Then, on Day Two we read a new main selection. This week's selection was called The Screech Owl Who Liked Television. It was about a girl named Twig, who had a pet owl named Yammer, and she loved him but the family had to let Yammer go eventually. Oh, and we almost forgot to tell you what our main selection is! Our main selection is a story we read out of our Journey/s textbook every day two. We always have so much fun reading about different fiction and nonfiction texts. We should tell you about our choice board is it is a board of activities and we have to complete the middle one by Friday. Our choice board always has nine squares, which are like nine skills we have to practice. So, the middle one is the reading test for the week and the others are Lexia, Grammar, Fluency (that's reading out loud to someone else), Writing about Reading, Creative Writing, and reading independently. It's so awesome! Thanks for reading!

Writer's Workshop

By: Olivia & Paige

In writing, we have been working on personal essays! We wrote pieces of our essays, and then taped each piece together so now they are long, long, long scrolls! Some of ours were taller than us!! Paige wrote about her new dog Chester and Olivia wrote about her mom! For our scrolls, we wrote pieces of evidence to support our thesis and our reasons on separate pieces of paper and taped them together in the essay template order. To help us come up with ideas, we used a chart called "Ways to Push my Thinking". It helped us come up with more ideas for our essays. This has been one of our favorite writing units. Right now we are taping our essays together and writing our final drafts. Writing has been so much fun in the past few weeks!!!


By: Luca, Matt & Jack T.

MEGA MATH!!!! In math we're learning how to multiply big, big numbers. It's crazy!! We're learning lattice, partial products, and estimating big numbers. For lattice there is a box and you divide it in to pieces. It looks like the picture down there... Mrs. Kaubin told us we can use any method we want to solve a multiplication problem and then we can check our answer with another method. Partial products is where you would do harder facts and bigger numbers it looks like this… It takes a long time, but it helps us to understand what's happening. We had a Math test today. It was mostly on multiplication. It was hard, but we all got through it. MATH RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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By: Giulia, Cammy & Ben

Rockin’ Rocks and Minerals

In our rocks and minerals unit, we got 12 unique minerals to do interesting field tests to figure out what kind of mineral each one was. Here are some test results that we got from a couple tests. Here’s mineral A’s results.

Feel: smooth and some parts rougher than others

Smell: glue or paste

Streak: on the black tile, it left a white trail. On the white tile it left a clear trail

Color: pale pink and maroon

We are still studying rocks and minerals, and we all hope we will have lots more fun. We have already learned so much with our minerals like the different kinds of rocks like igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. We are all eager to become rock experts!

Social Studies

By: Alec, Gabe & Jack W.

This month in social studies we started to learn about the BIG fourth grade unit.. IMMIGRATION!! We're superrrr excited for the Immigration Museum, but first, we have to learn. Mrs. Kaubin broke us up in to five groups that made the United States a country and we studied the cultures of each group. The groups were Latinos, African Americans, Asian Americans, European Americans and Native Americans. The kids studied what each group contributed to America as we know it and then how they got here. Did you know some people were forced to come to America? That made us sad. Then, we made a collage of all the different people in our country! Then, Mrs. Kaubin introduced our Immigration Project. She wanted us to tell you that you can see all about it on her eBoard. Mr. Bissinger came to our class to help us do research. We have four research centers. They are the internet, books, videos, and primary sources. Primary sources are things that actually were there during that time. We learned mostly about Ellis island at these centers. Ellis Island was built for a reason... Immigration. It was built in 1892. Ellis Island is in New York near the Statue of Liberty, but it's actually in New Jersey waters which is so cool! We can't wait to learn more about immigration!

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Wegman's Field Trip

By: Kaite, Erin & Maddie

On January 5th, 4K had a field trip to Wegmans grocery store for health class. We learned about healthy foods. We had a tour guide named Sonny. He took us to each section of the store. For example, he took us to the dairy, meat, bread, and fish sections. We each got to sample a different MyPLate food group item. Wegman's has delicious food. Then we had a scavenger hunt around the store. We had different groups with different teachers. We had clues that described what we had to find in the store. It was hilarious to run through the store while people were shopping. We even saw some moms that we know! Then we wrote down the things we found, then we all met at a cash register to see which team won. It was a very fun field trip. We hope you enjoyed our article!

Geography Bee

By: Matthew, Will & Vladi

At the beginning of the month, we had a Geography Bee at Elizabeth Haddon School. 12 students went in, 1 came out. Her name was 5th grader Lilliana Kuball. The other students were: Max Barson, Alex Nuckols, Kieran Heslin, Katie Duffy, Paige Esemplare, Jack Sub, Audrey Seiger, Griffin Adams, Jeffery Hess, Jonny Mink, and Julia Bono. The questions looked hard, but everyone did their best! Then when everyone but Alex & Lilliana were out, there was a tiebreaker round, and they did so well!!! They had to go into another tiebreaker round. It all ended when Alex Nuckols answered incorrectly. Everyone did their best to cheer everyone up who lost. It was really exciting, but some people were too competitive. We think it should be about having fun. We made signs for Jeffery, Kaite, and Paige from 4K! Our class was so awesome, just like Mrs. Kaubin always tells us to be!! Until next year.. who will go in next year? Who will come out?........

Community Meeting

By: Clare, Avery & Charlotte

Only happens once a month. One award, 5 grades. It is the Lizzy Haddon ………….. COMMUNITY MEETING! We normally start off with a greeting, but we decided to change it up a bit this month, and we started with some musical talents. First, third grade strings performed with Mrs. Horn. Then, the 4th grade band performed. They were amazing! After band, strings performed with Mrs.Stewart. Then, 2MU told us about a greeting they were doing in their class and asked us to try it. Then, Mr. Bissinger handed out the Word of the Month awards. Our very own Alec Conover won the Perseverance award! After that, a few friends from 4K went up and told the Lizzy Haddon community about rocks & minerals. It was a great community meeting!

New Year's Resolutions

By: Mackenzie & Maya

Happy New Year of 2016! These are some new year resolutions that we would like to share with you from 4K! We made a project and it looked like this.. under the 2 we had to write two things we want to be better at. Under the 0 we had to write something we wanted to stop doing this year. Under the 1 we had to write one person in our class we wanted to get to know better. And then, under the 6 we had to write SIX new books we want to read this year! SIX!!! So this is how it went, there are 11 people that wanted to listen more and focus. 4 other people wanted to hand work in on time. A few people said they wanted to stop forgetting to hand in their homework. Everyone had a hard time figuring out who they wanted to get to know better, so some people said people on their baseball teams or at dance. Then, the most popular books for 2016 are the Humphrey books, Who Was? or What Was? books and the Hunger Games! Happy New Year!

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Things to Note

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Friday, 2/5

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Immigration Museum, February 26

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