Google Classroom

for Collaborative Conversations and Independent Practice

Why Use Google Classroom?

There are so many reasons why you should use Google Classroom! Here's just a few:

  1. It's Free!!!
  2. There is no extra username or password for you or your students to remember.
  3. You can control when the students post, comment, or respond to a discussion.
  4. The Conversation can continue OUTSIDE of class.
  5. The Discussion can be graded.
  6. Google Classroom is SUPER EASY to use!

Getting Started

To create a question, the teacher needs to click on the + button, and select Create question.

Ask Your Question

Pose a question on the first line, then add any additional directions to the second line. There is a an optional due date the teacher can set. Then click Ask.
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Choose Settings

Determine whether you want the students to reply to one another or be able to edit their own submissions.
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Click Ask. Then Check Results.

The teacher can monitor the conversation, mute students as needed, or discontinue the conversation when complete.
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Helpful Hint 1: Teacher Side of Google Classroom Discussion

Google Classroom Discussion Tutorial

Helpful Hint 2: Student Side of Google Classroom Discussion

Google Classroom - Discussion

Daniel Watson, eLearning Coach

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