Britney Morales

All about me

Descriptive words about me!

  1. independent
  2. hospitable
  3. adventurous
  4. determined
  5. quiet [when i feel tired or uncomfortable]
  6. obnoxious [with close friends]
  7. not easily entertained
  8. loyal
  9. trustworthy
  10. jubilant

Fun Facts about me!

Hello, my name is Britney Morales. I am thirteen years old and I was born in Farmington, New Mexico March 17,2001 [also known as St. Patrick's day]. Activities I take part in include theater arts, tumbling, and I also play the flute in the eighth grade wind ensemble and the Anna coyote marching band. My favorite subject or class in school is math. I've lived in Anna for only two years, before I moved here I went to Slaughter Elementary in McKinney, TX. My favorite book is "Positively", my favorite movie is either "My girl", or "Carrie" [the remake].