Majestic Practice Wear


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It's time to begin the Majestic Journey!

Many of my new Majestics have been anxiously waiting to find out what the practice wear and costumes will look like for next year.

Below, you will find a list of mandatory items that we will be ordering, along with prices for each item. Please note that no money is due at this time. A list of payment dates are noted at the bottom of this email.

We have made some changes to our practice wear list this year. You will only need to purchase the items that you do not already have. Returning Majestics will only need to purchase the NEW items, however, all new Majestics will need to acquire everything on the list.

Please note, if you have had a big sister, or neighbor, that was a Majestic... feel free to borrow or use their older uniforms.


Payment Due Dates:

  • May 14th - Payment due for all items ordered through Ovation. (Estimated $340.00 + tax and shipping)
  • June 2nd - Payment for camp is due. (Estimated $85.00 which may be helped by the spring fundraiser)
  • July 14th - Payment for Traditional Uniform is due. (Estimated $104 + tax and shipping)

I look forward to starting our new year together!

Majestic Director, Kelly Payne Mabry