why we eat what we eat

jakiria norman

External influences


seeing different foods and recipes on Facebook and making them at home , some of them may not be heathy for you , or they may be expensive which falls under Economics


some food may be expensive , or buying a large Amount for a family gathering and making it stretch so you won't have to buy a large amount
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growing stuff and buying it in the market for a higher price and , buying it cheaper local around you community
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they can modify fruits and vegetables so bugs won't eat them so you can grow them in more qanutiy
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individual influences


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i dislike fruit and veggies , but i love meat and grains such as chicken and steak and beans and rice
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culture and customs and traditions

sunday dinner , making a big dinner every sunday .
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healthy food choices

dietary guidelines for americans , weight management , physical activity , my plate , national labels , food groups

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