The dog and the Cat

Mason Behrens

The Dog and the Cat

One day a dog was fighting with another dog. A cat witnessing the fight said, "I better go see what this is about." So the cat budged in and started to talk to the fighting dogs. One of the dogs said," what are you doing here?" with an attitude. The cat replied," I just want to help." The dog said," there's nothing for you to do." So the cat walked off and thought, why didn't I do something? So he went back and asked what the problem was. One of the dogs said," that dog took my spot on the blanket." Pointing at the other dog. The cat replied," just get another blanket." The dogs didn't have another blanket. so one of the dogs pushed the cat out of the conversation. So the cat thought, that wasn't very nice. so the cat walked off and never got in a fight again.


Don't step in the crowd