October 14 - October 20, 2013

Principally Speaking

Data Talks: On Friday, Jackie and Oliver will be meeting with teachers in K-2 individually to go over the BOY testing results and plan of action for each student. We will start with 2nd grade at noon and will send someone to cover your class while you meet with us. Please being your RTI binder and your TPRI class summary.

BENEFITS: Please be sure to check all the benefits information by clicking here. If you wish to watch the video that explains everything about benefits please click here.

District Common Assessments: As we are planning for this six-week period please keep in mind the following:

  1. DCA OVERVIEW: General information about the assessment process.
  2. DCA CALENDAR: Please review when grade level tests are to be administered.
  3. DCA Test Blue Print: This document specifies what is going to be assessed.
  4. WRITING DCA: 3rd and 4th grade students have taken or will take this week. Please use the rubric to rate the compositions. Please enter the scores in AWARE following these instructions by October 25th.

You can discuss any questions you may have with your colleagues and IST during grade level meetings.


LPAC: All homeroom teachers at NRES are required to watch the power point at the following link. LPAC Training. Oaths were placed in your box. Please sign and put them in Ms. Hernandez' box by October 25.

ELPS: During your PLC on Tuesday, we will watch a mandatory presentation. It is for All certified teachers.

EMERGENCY TEXT: Teachers and Staff, please send a text to (817) 993 6537 and in the body of the message type @mrmuji - We will send you a text message in case of an emergency, weather closings, etc. Please keep in mind that fees may apply from your cell provider.

Weekly Happenings


1. VESTED training day 2


1. PLC meetings during planning time


1. Bilingual Meeting: Click here to register

2. PreK- 1 Report Card Committee. Click here to register
1. Gomez and Gomez Consultant Walk-Throughs! We shall see some inprovements in interactive word walls!

2. Faculty Meeting: Digital Citizenship by District Coordinators. PLEASE sign up by following the link


1. Data Talks with K-2 teachers. There is no fixed schedule but we will start at 12:00 noon.

Where is Admin this week?


Tuesday: Oliver @ Successmaker Training AM

Wednesday: Jackie @ GAM meeting all day

Thursday: We are both here!

Friday: Jackie at Title 1 meeting AM; Panther Pride Night at 7:00pm

October Staff Birthdays

Hathaway, Kelly - 10/23

Wagner, Mechelle - 10/25

Vu, Mailien - 10/25