Basilica Sacre- Coeur (Basilica of the Sacred Heart)

Introduction to the location

The Basilica Sacre- Coeur is a Roman Catholic church in France. Located in the heart of Paris.


on the highest point of the city in Montmartre(Paris.com,2016). It's still standing today and is precisely located on 35,Rue Du Chevalier-De-La barre-Montmartre,75018 Paris,France. It is known as a sacred religion site. It's a beautiful way to experience what France's cultural tourism has to offer. From the History of the Church to the Breath taking


there's never a dull moment while travelling in Paris.

Economic benefits?

The economic benefits the Basilica Sacre -Coeur brings to the country are as followed...

  • Hotel's revenue increases- People come from different countries to come experience different cultures and they need places to stay, so them staying at hotels benefits the country because more money is being financed and put back into the country to make it a must-see tourist destination.
  • if a huge amount of people travel the country, not only the country benefits but the trades(flight attendants, pilots and so forth) benefit too. People need to be transported to places by plane or trains and the people who are in those field of work benefit as well.

Hours : Basilica daily 6am-11pm

What are the Environmental, cultural and social impacts?

  • Environmental impact- The church brings an environmental impact on Paris because it doesn't use much electricity, Forests were not cut down to establish this site, and no animals were harmed in the making of the Church.
  • Social impact- The social impact the church brings is it is open to the community daily which can increase the cultural aspect just by being able to go to the church to experience the cultural when and where you please to. The church becomes more admirable than it was before. Definitely on my bucket list.
  • Cultural impact- The church will always have a strong cultural aspect because even though tourists come to see the church they don't only want to see the present culture but the existing culture that was there long ago. In my opinion, the Grand organ has a big impact on the church's existing culture. It's a piece that makes the whole puzzle come together. it's said to be " an inestimable part of France's cultural heritage"."The organ is played regularly. a world-renowned tourist site emblematic of Paris and France".

what is the social view to tourism in the area?

The communities social view on the Basilica is that it an important piece of France and that it makes France a must see tourist destination. The community donates to help the church stay standing. Being social in a country can have huge impacts on current situations.

Has the tourism had a negative impact on the area?

In my opinion, the tourism definitely doesn't have a negative impact on the area because no tree's were forested down to build the church, no wildlife was forced to relocate

for the building and its more of a positive impact on the country than anything. Having made the church in such a social area makes people want to experience and live through different cultures. The church offers amazing history and architecture.

What can be done to protect the area to create a sustainable tourist destination?

"sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the economy, society, and environment"(Definition,2016,sustainable tourism)

When you visit the tourist destination as a tourist you want to make a positive impact on the country you are visiting because you don't want to cause any negative impacts in such a short time.

  • Using less photography flash can help with keeping the buildings designs longevity.
  • less electricity
  • recycling


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