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ISSUE # 8 - 4 December 2014

Tech Enhanced Items Edition

The Acuity Readiness Testing Window opens December 8, and on this round will be two Technology Enhanced Items (TEIs) that you may want to model for your students ahead of time. Those TEIs are Multiple Correct Response (MCR) and Equation Numeric (E/N). Here are a few resources to help you prepare your students for the TEIs of Acuity Readiness #2 Assessment.

Multiple Correct Response (MCR)

With this type of question, students select two or more answers.

Equation/Numeric (E/N)

With this TEI, students are asked to create their answers via a digital interface that resembles a calculator missing the operational buttons.

For More Resources

For more resources on TEIs click on the ICATS site. If the TEI resources do not appear under the Curriculum tab, make sure you have logged into the ICATS site.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to eLearning Coach Dan Watson for sharing some resources!

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