Living in Northern America

Pros and Cons of Living in Set Regions of Nothern America

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is rated the best state to live in. If I were to pick any place in the world, I would choose New Hampshire. Last year, in the whole state, there were only 33,774 crimes reported. This is exceptionally low, for, this includes all crimes. Just violent crimes throughout America was 1,214,462 crimes. The economy in New Hampshire is great. The average income of a New Hampshire citizen is $63,277. Although the property taxes are extremely high, New Hampshire doesn't have a lot of taxes other states have, such as a sales tax. There is a plethora of great schools in New Hampshire, both public and private. Most of these schools have outstanding reputations of staff and success rates. This state is also known for skiing/ snowboarding up in the White Mountains. We also have seasonal pumpkin and apple picking and other historical sites that are beautiful to the eye. Religion is a big part of differing two regions. In New Hampshire 35.15% of the population is religious (24% Catholic, 2.3% other Christian, .32% Jewish and 8.53% other). One thing that is absolutely adored about this region is the climate. Although there are cold winters, the snow is amazing and the spring and summers are amazing, and the most adored thing is the foliage in the fall. The unemployment rate is 5% which is low compared to the nations unemployment rate of 6.7 which is an all time low for America. The average house in Derry, NH is $1,000/ month. Among the important things you need to know, what's the point if there's no sports to occupy your time? New Hampshire offers most sports such as skiing, snowboarding, hockey, baseball, lacrosse, etc. The racial makeup of the state isn't as important to me as it would for other people, but 92.3% is Caucasian while the other 7.7% are the other ethnicities.

Ottawa, Canada

In my opinion, Canada is a great place to live. The crime rate is very low, and most of the crimes committed are property crimes. There are about 5,000 violent crimes a year in the capital of Canada. The economy isn't bad whatsoever. The average person receives an income of $40,000 not including the income tax. Although the average person gains that much a year, Canada's has a lot of taxes such as property tax, income tax, and sales tax. The general taxes go to the great schooling systems. Canada has many public schools with a few Christian schools for 65.4% of the population in Canada is under the Christian category. Ottawa has a lot of activities available for tourists and natives. Although they have activities outside, most are indoors due to the cold winters that last from about late September to mid-April. The unemployment rate in Ottawa is 6.6% which is 1.6% higher than New Hampshire. The houses are particularly expensive in this region. The racial makeup of Ottawa is 74.2% white, 23.7% minority races and 2.1% of aboriginal residents. All citizens and tourists are welcome to enjoy the sports offered such as cycling, water sports, gold, hockey, ice skating, skiing, running, and curling.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is definitely not on my bucket list on places I want to travel. Most of the crime that happens in America happens in Detroit. The unemployment rate is extremely high at 17.7%. The people that do have jobs, receive a low income of $25,193 a year. This is a problem when it comes to taxes because they have most of the taxes in America, such as, income, utility, sales, and property tax. If you have children I definitely don't recommend enlisting them into the public schools, especially if they're white (the minority of Detroit). They have a few cultural activities such as concerts, glass sculpture exhibits, comedy shows, and pub walks, but I would like to do these activities safely, and Detroit is not a safe place to do so. A majority of the population doesn't have a religion, but 58% is Catholic. The climate is not extremely bad, but definitely not enjoyable or comfortable. It is very cold and windy, and they rarely see the sun. This makes playing outdoor sports such as football, pond hockey, basketball, softball, and baseball less enjoyable.

Choose as you will!