St Brigid's Primary School

A blessing and tribute to our Mothers

"Blessed be all mothers

Who have come into our lives

Whose kindness, care and loving

Remain with us to guide.

Your inspiration in us

Made us strive in every way

Especially to remember

Helping others makes our day.

Mothers, this little tribute

Flows directly from our hearts

You are so loved and cherished

Invaluable, one and all, you are

Term Two, Week Four - 13 May 2021


Term Two

Monday 19 April - Friday 2 July

Term Three

Students: Monday 19 July - Friday 24 September

Pupil Free Days - Monday 19 July, Monday 23 August

Term Four

Monday 11 October - Friday 10 December

Pupil Free Day - Monday 11 October

Principal - Paula MacKenzie

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We hope and pray that all our mothers, step mothers and grandmothers had a wonderful, relaxed Mothers’ Day last Sunday and were spoiled with love throughout the day. Mothers are all different, but their love is vast. You have an amazing impact on all around you and at this time of the year we have the blessed opportunity to say thank you for being you.


On behalf of our community, I would like to thank our amazing P & F for once again running our Mother’s Day Stall so that our children could purchase affordable gifts for the special people in their lives. Our P & F are tireless as they search for gifts and wrap them most beautifully then run the stalls to help our students choose a gift for their loved ones. When you see the joy on the faces of children it is so worthwhile. Our amazing Mum's turned up every day last week and ensured that every child who came to the stall left with the perfect gift.

The Next P & F Meeting will be held on Friday 21 May @ 9am in the School Office.


This week our Year 3 and Year 5 students have been sitting the NAPLAN Tests. This can be a stressful week for the children, teachers and families. Often, we lose perspective of what these tests really are, which is simply a snapshot in your child’s education. We thank the teachers along with Mrs Colette Wayne and Mr Steve Duncan for assisting the children as they underwent these tests and look forward to congratulating our students when they receive their results.


I would like to thank Mr Sam Harris for once again coordinating the running Club, I know that our students love participating in this wonderful event at this time of the year. Mr Harris was quick to offer his services to the students in our school. There is no cost to participate in this wonderful practice and the students gain so much from being part of the program. Just a reminder that it takes place on a Tuesday afternoon from 3.15 – 3.45pm children just need to get changed and wear their joggers and be ready to run and have fun getting healthy and improving their own times as they jog around a course on the oval. The club will continue this term until the end of term 3. They meet in the undercover area and parents are welcome to watch or jump in and run or walk.


Please remember when picking up your children from school that you only escort your children from the school grounds. It is very important that we never walk someone else’s child from the school ground without the parent’s explicit permission, no matter how well intentioned. Every child should only be escorted from the school by a designated adult.

Positive Parent Approach

Being a parent is extremely rewarding but not always easy. At times it can be demanding, frustrating and exhausting. The challenge for all parents is to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted children in a loving, balanced environment.

There is no single right way to be a parent and there are many different views on how parents should go about rearing their children. Ultimately, you as the parent need to decide what values, skills and behaviours you want to encourage in your child and develop your own approach to discipline.

Positive parenting is an approach that focuses on child development and behaviour management in a constructive and supportive manner. Research indicates that children who experience positive parenting are more likely to develop positive living skills, have less behaviour problems and a stronger, positive self-esteem.

The five key components of positive parenting are:

1: Children need a safe and interesting environment that provides plenty of opportunities to explore, discover, experiment and develop their skills. Activities and adult supervision are provided in a caring and predictable environment.

2: Children need a positive learning environment where encouragement and praise help them to learn and practise necessary skills.

3: Children need effective discipline. Effective discipline involves being consistent, acting quickly when children misbehave and teaching them how to behave in an acceptable way. When parents use effective discipline, children learn to accept responsibility for their behaviour, to become aware of the needs of others and to develop self-control.

4: Parents need to have realistic expectations about their child’s behaviour. Children are individuals and develop at different rates. Problems can arise when we expect too much too soon from them. If parents expect their child to always be polite, happy, cooperative, tidy and helpful, they are setting themselves up for disappointment and conflict with their children.

5: Parents also need to look after their own needs. It is easier to look after your child’s needs when you also look after your own.

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”

Stacia Tauscher

“You can learn many things from children; how much patience you have, for instance.” ~

Franklin P. Jones

May you have a wonderful week and may God bless you.

Paula MacKenzie


Assistant Principal - Mike Sibbald


“May you recognize in your life

the presence, power and light of your soul.

May you have respect

for your individuality and difference.

May you learn to see yourself

with the same delight, pride and expectation

with which God sees you in every moment.” Amen.

Last Tuesday (4 May), was a very special time for the thirty-four children who made their First Reconciliation and for their proud parents and family too! Congratulations to the children on your wonderful preparation and participation. Thank you to their parents and family for your pleasing support now and into your child’s future sacramental participation. A sincere thank you to their class teachers, Ms Davies and Ms Mitchell, for your excellent preparation of the children and fantastic assistance with the liturgy. Thank you also to Mrs Yeo for your pleasing help with the PowerPoint presentation and music, along with all staff who attended in support. We had a wonderful team of Priests including Fr Benny, Fr Liam and Fr Michael to assist us and I would like to thank and acknowledge them for their important religious leadership. May the peace of our Lord remain with you all.

Congratulations to all who contributed to our Project Compassion Boxes. We raised $321.55, which is much appreciated. This money will now be sent to Caritas Australia to assist those in need. Thank you for your generosity.


A few key dates to keep in mind for those families preparing for First Eucharist.

  • Parent Meeting 1 June (St Brigid’s Hall 7.00pm)
  • Year Four Retreat Day 26 May (at School with Karl Brown)
  • First Eucharist Mass 13 June 11.00am

Fr Benny has asked that you attend the required number of masses before making your sacrament on June 13.


Year 4 FIRST EUCHARIST – Sunday 13 June 2021 (11.00am)

Year 6 CONFIRMATION – Sunday 29 August 2021 (11.00am)

Assistant Principal - Colette Wayne


This week students in Years Three and Five are taking part in their various NAPLAN tests. from (see timetable is below). It is important to note that all testing will take place prior to recess. It is very important that students are here on these days. Please make certain that there are no dentist, doctor or other appointments at this time. Thank you parents for supporting the school in ensuring that students arrive on time.

While NAPLAN does not measure everything that is important about a student’s literacy and numeracy development, it does provide each school with valuable data and every school is expected to pay close attention to trends over a number of years.

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Nightly reading forms an important part of homework here at St Brigid’s and research strongly supports fostering a love of reading at home. It is important that children are listened to when reading and also read to by an adult or more capable reader.

Read together every day

Read to your child every day. Make this a warm and loving time when the two of you can cuddle close.

Give everything a name

Build your child's vocabulary by talking about interesting words and objects. For example, "Look at that airplane! Those are the wings of the plane. Why do you think they are called wings?"

Say how much you enjoy reading

Tell your child how much you enjoy reading with him or her. Talk about "story time" as the favourite part of your day.

Read with fun in your voice

Read to your child with humour and expression. Use different voices. Ham it up!

Know when to stop

Put the book away for a while if your child loses interest or is having trouble paying attention.

Be interactive

Discuss what's happening in the book, point out things on the page, and ask questions.

Read it again and again

Go ahead and read your child's favourite book for the 100th time!

Talk about writing, too

Mention to your child how we read from left to right and how words are separated by spaces.

Point out print everywhere

Talk about the written words you see in the world around you. Ask your child to find a new word on each outing.

Get your child evaluated

Please be sure to see your child's paediatrician or teacher as soon as possible if you have concerns about your child's language development, hearing, or sight.


A number of parents have viewed their concerns over the gravel car park and this has been a discussion point for the School Advisory Council. With the assistance of Peter Constable, our Grounds Man we are about to bring in some changes to this car park to help our parents navigate this tricky area. If you view the map below, you will see there is now one way in and one way out of the car park. We are asking parents not to park along the fence line or to block the area near the covered walk way. Traffic will enter from Toodyay Road and follow the path shown, we ask that parents in the driving area indicated remain in their cars so that traffic can continue to flow. If you choose to park your car you may of course leave the car and collect your children. In the next few weeks you will see some star pickets and tape to help you see the drive through areas to follow. This will begin next Monday and we will monitor the area for the next few weeks. Thanks you for your assistance in this matter.

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Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays are the busiest days for the canteen so if you can help even for a little while between 11.15am to 12.30pm, that would be a huge help. Please call into the canteen and let Kylie (our canteen manager) know when you are available. Thank you


The uniform shop will now be open

Monday 8.00am till 10.00am

Wednesday 1.30pm till 3.30pm

These new opening times will come into effect as of next Monday 3 May 2021. The Uniform Shop will no longer be open on Friday's. If you cannot make it into the uniform shop you can email your orders through to or contact Mrs Jo-Anne Vellis during open hours only on 6216 3865.

St Ems (St Brigid’s Emergency Meals) Appeal 2021

We are reaching out to you in the hope that you can assist us in supporting a school community activity called St Ems (St Brigid’s Emergency Meals). Many years ago a small group of very committed members of the school community started St Ems. Those wonderful members donated meals via the school to families that might be going through a hardship such as family sickness, hospital stays or bereavement.

We need your help to make St Ems a success. Please consider making a donation of store bought or home cooked meals. Your contribution will make a difference to our community members in need. Some examples of meals include pasta dishes, stews, curries, rice dishes, soups or sweet treats. Ideally we would like to put together a roster system to ensure that there are always meals available for families in need however a one off donation is also greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in participating in this wonderful initiative, please see the form below for more information.

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Come along and join the St Brigid's Swim Squad. Training takes place every Tuesday morning at Swan Active, Morrison Road, Midvale, commencing at 7am. Entry is $3.40 (no spectator fee for parents).

Swim Squad is for students in Yrs 2 to Yr 6 who are at swimming level 5 or above. Students can then take advantage of Breakfast Club at school which commences at 8.10am in the MacKillop Hall. If you have any queries, please contact Deanna (DJ) on 0419 943 901.

Before & After School Care

Parents, we are here to support you and your children in before and after school hours! We offer a secure, safe and exciting environment for your children to thrive and be a part of a socialized group.

Please note an enrolment form and 1 days' notice is to be given to make your casual bookings for your children.

We are here to help! Enrolment forms are now online

Vacancies Available Now!

P: 0484302073


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