The Eye Contact Law

Make Your Speech Powefull!!

It is a "Must Have!"

When you give a speech, you need to make sure to look towards the audience and not down.

But Why is it so Important!?

During a speech you need to show confidence of one's self and the material you are speaking about. You will also get downgraded! minus points!

let Me Show You How This Looks Like...

You are not to be looking down or hiding behind a paper. Your sight must be towards the audience as much as possible.

Don't Be Afraid, Try it Out!

Using this technique will help you be a better speaker, and you will eventually gain confidence in yourself and do amazing speeches. Try not looking down to your written speech a lot. Maybe pick 3 points in the room that are towards the audience so you're not looking directly at them but toward them, and don't get nervous. Pretend you're talking to your friends, show the enthusiasm, boost that self assurance, LOOK AT THEM, be a great speaker.