By: Taylor Noerr


Pakistan's economic stand point is actually very bad because, they are highly depended on foreign aid. Most of there foreign aid was taken or depleted because of there nuclear testing in 1998. But the United States started to give them aid back in the 21st century. In 2011 the United Kingdom estimated that 50% of Pakistan's population in living in poverty. There biggest export to other countries is cotton.


Pakistsn's political sand point is very poor. As of fright now they are in a war with Al-Qaeda and the Islamic state. They have a federal republic government. The president is Mamnoon Hussain.
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The main religion in Pakistan is Muslim is 97% of the religions. The main langue is Urdu. They have many customs that you do when you go to another's house or praying, etc. For example, when you go to someones house you see if the host is wearing shoes and if they aren't you will have to take your shoes off. Women like to draw on there hands when there is a big celebration going on.
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