World War I

Why The US Entered The War

USHC 5.4 & 5.5

THE BIG PICTURE: Americans remained committed to neutrality when it came to European affairs, especially the outbreak of the “Great War” in 1914. Despite attempts to stay neutral, the U.S. was drawn into World War I in 1917. While the U.S. played only a minor role on the battlefront, the war helped transform America at home. After the war in 1919, the United States played an important role in shaping world affairs at the Treaty of Versailles and helping create the League of Nations. However, resistance at home kept the USA from joining the League and ensuring the peace of the world in the future.

Key Terms




Allied Powers

Central Powers


Zimmerman Telegram

Trench warfare

War Industries Board

Victory Gardens

Liberty Bonds

Great Migration

Espionage & Sedition Acts

Fourteen Points

League of Nations

Treaty of Versailles

Important Court Case - Scheneck vs United States