Mrs. Poliszczuk's First Grade Class

Weekly Update

December 4, 2015

This week in reading, we began unit 3, Tales Over Time. This unit focuses on the elements of Folktales. Students listened to The Foolish Timid Rabbit, viewed Chicken Little and read The big Yuca Plant. Students practiced using the 5 finger retell to summarize the story and identified the central message, or lesson in each story.

In phonics, students practiced reading and writing long vowel a words spelled a__e. Students also identified verbs and practiced using commas to separate three or more verbs in a written sentence. In addition, students practiced reading and writing contractions with "not".

In math, we are continuing to practice strategies for solving addition and subtraction facts. We also played a number of workshop games to help reinforce those skills.

We began unit 2 in Science, The Power of Magnets and Electricity. Students learned that magnets and electricity are sources of energy. We identified examples of objects that will not work without electricity and students shared how different our world would be without electricity.

Winter Party

We will have our Winter Celebration on Tuesday, December 22nd, from 12:45-1:45. Please look for information soon from our room moms on our Shutterfly page.

Please let me know if you would like me to hold onto any Scholastic Book orders as gifts. We can then arrange for you to come and pick them up while the students are at special or I can leave them in the office.

Class Picture

Guess it was a tough week!