Downtown Toronto

Why Toronto is different?

Downtown Toronto is a very diverse city. It is very multicultural and has unique buildings. Toronto has buildings everywhere. It is a very high dense place unlike Mississauga. Mississauga is spread out but at the same time it is pretty close together. Mississauga also has a great evenness of man made buildings and green space. It is the perfect balance. The city is mostly just buildings and it has barely any green space. Since Toronto is very high dense there are a lot of condominiums because there are no space for houses. Mississauga has a lot of space for houses because it is not that dense.

Open Space/ Recreational Land Use

This is Hanlans Point in Toronto as shown above. Since there is a lot of buildings there had to be atleast some open space and greenery. There was no space in the downtown core so they left land open elsewhere. Most people dont like the rush of the core. Some people like the open space. That is their opinion. Either way Toronto has both. This is a key pull factor for Toronto.

What I learned on this trip?

I learned many things on this trip. Firstly, all of the different types of buildings. There was
a university on top of a store. You usually dont see that around Mississauga. Secondly, there are a lot of transportation routes. There are many bike lanes, street cars, and a lot of subway routes. There is a need for all these because Toronto is a busy place. There are a lot of jobs in the city so people need to get in and out of the city very fast. That is what I learned on this trip
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