Exeter Math News!

A Glimpse into Mathematics Classrooms Across the District

Implementation Week 25

Keep your eyes on the prize! With spring finally starting to make an appearance, this is a good time for us to refocus our thoughts and remind ourselves of the vision we have for math here in Exeter. Remember, in Exeter we strive to engage and empower all students to be mathematical thinkers, risk-takers and problem-solvers in a student-centered environment. It is very easy to get frantic about testing and timelines and eligible content and in that frenzy forget what is most important...the mathematical well-being of our students.

Over the past few weeks during my travels around the district, I have seen math in action in ways that are sure to nurture a love of mathematics for all students in all grades. We are fighting the trend in grades where students typically start to lose interest in math and are gaining fans instead.

So, keep doing what you're doing, because it is truly FANTASTIC!

A Peek at This Week...

Tuesday, March 10th:

-Math Support, Senior High, a.m.

-STEM/Tech Ed meeting, Senior High @2:30

Wednesday, March 11th:

-Math Support, Jacksonwald, p.m.

Thursday, March 12th:

-Math Support, Junior High, a.m.

-Tentative: Math Sequencing/Curriculum Discussion, p.m.

Friday, March 13th:

-Math Support, Lorane, p.m.

Monday, March 16th:

-Walkthroughs, Reiffton, a.m.

Long Term Look Ahead

Next PD Dates:

March 25th

Math Leadership Team Meeting (times and locations TBA)

April 8th

Grades K and 1 (times and locations TBA)

April 29th

Grades 2 and 3 (times and locations TBA)

May 7th

Grades 4 and 5 (times and locations TBA)

Shout Outs!

Let's hear it for...

Our 2nd and 3rd Grade teachers at Owatin Creek for an all-around great job fostering number and fraction-sense in their students! Keep up the good work!

Everyone, in all of our buildings for dealing with the weather this past week and the havoc it has caused for your schedules! Hang in there, Spring is on the way!