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January 26, 2018

LoveWorks is Accepting Applications!

LoveWorks is accepting applications. See your counselor for more information or check out their website.
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36th Annual Norman Chocolate Festival sponsored by the Norman PTA Council

Come support the Norman PTA Council and enjoy some delicious chocolate!

LOMA “Win a Steinway or $40,000” Fundraiser


Check out the website:

Purchase a $10 ticket and you could win...

1st Prize

New Steinway Model M Grand

Market Value: $55,760.00


$40,000.00 Cash

2nd Prize

New Taylor 814ce Guitar

Market Value: $3,499.00

3rd Prize

New Bach 180S37 Trumpet

Market Value: $2,829.00

What is LOMA “Win a Steinway or $40,000” Ticket you ask?

A group of local business man and higher education teachers came together and created LOMA – Local Oklahoma Music Association. The purpose of LOMA is to help local music education programs such as our LMS Band, Choir and Orchestra. Our school music programs will receive 100% of the tickets we sell.

How do I purchase tickets?

Tickets are $10 each and 100% of the money goes to the LMS Band, Choir and Orchestra programs.

Cash or Check – Make checks out to LOMA.

You must be 18 years or older and have a valid social security number to enter. The winning ticket must have a legible name and phone number. A ticket without a legible name and phone number will be disqualified. You need not be present to win.

To get a ticket - see a band, choir or orchestra student OR email Dr Griffith at

Athletic Update


1/29 Games at Highland West (7GV 4:30, 7BV 5:30, 8GV 6:30, 8BV 7:30)

2/1 7th Grade Away against Whittier (GJV 4:30, BJV 5:00, GV 5:30, BV 6:30)

2/1 8th Grade Home against Whittier (BJV 4:30, GV 5:30, BV 6:30)

Spring Sports
Slow-Pitch Softball, Tennis, and Golf info will be put out in the next couple of weeks

If your child has not participated in a school sport this school year and will be participating in a Spring sport, they will need a sports physical completed and all forms on Rank One completed before they will be allowed to practice. The Rank One forms can be found here:


All athletes interested in participating in Track and Field need to sign up with the following google form by Sunday, February 11th.

Mandatory parent/athlete meeting is Monday, February 12th at 5:30 in the LMS Auditorium.

Track starts Wednesday, February 21. Athletes will be bussed to Norman North High School immediately after school. Pick up is 5:30 at the NN Athletic Complex. If you are not dressed for practice with appropriate clothing and shoes you will not be allowed to practice. You CANNOT practice until all forms on RankOne have been completed, and a physical turned in to LMS. Forms can be found on the Athletics page of

Please sign up for Remind texts from Coach Balkman by texting @lmstf2018 to 81010.

If you have any questions, contact Coach Balkman at

Order your Yearbook

Yearbooks prices have changed to $40. To order your yearbook, visit and select the yearbook package. See Mrs. Jones for more information

6th Grade Parents

On Wednesday, January 31st, 6th-grade students will have the opportunity to take the CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) with their Den teachers. This test is different from most other assessments they have taken in the past, as it doesn't gauge what they know but rather how they learn. The results of this test can be very helpful for parents and teachers as they try to determine the way in which a child learns best, and what strategies would be helpful for that student when they are learning new content. It is very important that all students do their best on the exam because it can only help us teach them better. In addition to this wonderful data, some students may score high enough to qualify for the Gifted and Talented program. Parents will be notified in the event that this pertains to their child.

On the day of testing, all 6th-grade students will report to their Den teachers first hour. If they are testing in another location for any reason, they will be informed of where to go next. Students should not bring any electronics (smart watches, laptops, cell phones) to the class that day unless they are comfortable with handing them into their teachers to be kept in a secure location until after testing is completed. Also, 6th and 7th grade will be switching lunches that day to provide extra time to complete the test, so students are encouraged to bring snacks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Farris or Mrs. Perez. Thank you!

Lifelines Suicide Prevention 8th Grade Parents

You will receive a notification letter from the district regarding the required Lifelines Suicide Prevention guidance lesson Mrs. Whittle is teaching on the 21st February. The dates for this have changed. Mrs. Whittle will be teaching a preparing for High School guidance lesson on the 21st and Lifelines on March 28th in order to prepare students for high school pre-enrollment before Norman North comes to Longfellow to pre-enroll your student.

8th Grade Parents & Students

Randomly selected students will take the NAEP test in Social Studies and Civics on January 30th. This test is being piloted by the State Department at Longfellow amongst other schools. The NAEP will have no impact on your student's grades or show up on their high school transcript. Parent notification letters have been to the parents of those students selected to be tested. if you have any questions please contact Beth Whittle (405-366-5948).

Upcoming Events

January 25-27: Basketball Alcott Tournament

January 29: Basketball vs Highland West

February 1: Basketball vs Whittier

February 5: Basketball vs OKC Storm

February 8: Basketball vs Moore Central

*Please check the Longfellow Middle School calendar for updates.