Teacher Spotlight

Stefanie Hart - Kindergarten

Kindergarten students prepare for a global future

Creativity, perseverance, collaboration, and communication are words that many would not think are part of a kindergarten student's vocabulary. Kindergarten students in Mrs. Hart's class not only use these words in their daily practice, but also reflect daily on their own growth toward these competencies. The day begins with a review of what these words mean and what they look like in action. Students share specific examples of when they persevered or moments when they collaborated well with others in the class. Each student shares what Global Outcome they will focus on during the school day and place a sticky note containing their name on the Global Outcome (GO) of their choosing. Along with this, students set a goal for the day specific to the chosen GO. On this particular day, many students in the class set a goal for perseverance. At the end of the day, students reflect on the goal they set and whether or not they met the goal. In addition, students share how they know they met the goal or what they will continue to work on.
Big picture
Mrs. Hart captures pictures of students in action and posts these pictures around the room so students are reminded of what it looks like to demonstrate these competencies. This allows students to see themselves as empowered learners in the classroom and creates a classroom mindset and culture of high expectations for learning. The presence of Global Outcomes is displayed throughout the classroom. Furthermore, student work is displayed all around the room revealing the GO competency the student work embodies.

A reflective teacher

Mrs. Hart reflects on how she is always looking for ways to have students reflect on their learning and become owners of the Global Outcomes. This is something new she is trying this year. Mrs. Hart exemplifies being a reflective teacher. She is a veteran teacher at EPSD and has served as a mentor for many of our new teachers. She views teaching as a professional growth journey in which she is constantly growing, improving, reflecting, and practicing.

Thank you Mrs. Hart! We appreciate you!