The Pirate's Log

Week of February 1, 2016


Thanks to everyone who was flexible with our afternoon schedule today! I appreciate that you jumped in together and made it work!

Way to go, Kindergarten!

Thanks again for sharing so many of the things you learned from your conference! I received several emails/comments that about how much fun it was to sit and talk about the "joy of teaching" on Wednesday!

I know you do it during your grade level teams, but to be able to sit as a staff and throw out ideas and tricks was so much fun!

We need to do it more often!

Please let me know if you want to share one of your tips and we'll make time for a show and tell! :)


I'm working out a few details...and need a few days. Hoping I can share everything at the beginning of next week and we can have all RIMPS sent home before our 4 day weekend in February!


If you have not reserved a spot for your 2nd observation, please do so by Monday @ 4:00. I need to get these in my calendar so that I'm meeting my timelines. If I don't hear from you by after school on Monday, I'll go ahead and schedule them.

Pirate Showcase~Setting Our Sails for the Future

Thanks for all of your collaboration with this event! It is going to be such a sight to see!

March 13, 2016


(You won't need to be there the whole time...but after hearing all of your ideas, you might need the whole time to see everything.)

Save the Date~Reading Series Presentations

Monday, February 22...Houghton Mifflin/Journeys 3:45-6:00

Wednesday, March 2...Pearson/Ready Gen 3:45-6:00

You'll be blue slipped for 2 hours each night, but must attend both nights so that both companies are represented equally.


For those of you who weren't able to attend our meeting this past Wednesday, we talked about confidentiality and how we really have to be conscientious about where, when, and to whom we're talking to or about.

Our office is a bit of a fishbowl and we have parents, substitutes, student teachers, and little ears in and out all of the time. We are responsible for what we say and do and I know we can't control what people say about us in public, but we need to make an effort.

Book Wars...The Reader Awakens!

Our next Right to Read Week meeting will be Monday, February 8 @ 3:30!

All are invited to attend!

Fundations Reminders...

  • Intervention Training: February 9 and May 12
  • Coaching Visits: February 16, April 19 and May 13
  • End of Year Inventory Tool: DUE April 15

Jenn's Schedule for the Week:


  • Mtg. w/ Sherri Parent @ 8:10
  • PTO Mtg. @ 3:45
  • Next Steps @ 8:10
  • K Team and Devin from ECHD
  • Mtg. @ 8:10
  • Admin. Mtg. 8:00
  • Mtg. @ 1:10


  • Next Steps
  • Mtg. @ 12:30
  • BLT Mtg. @ 3:45
  • Gifted Mtg. @ 4:00
  • First Friday-Kindergarten
  • Mtg. @ 8:10

Dates to Remember

February 1

  • Sherri Parent @ CPT...for real this time! :)
  • PTO Mtg. @ 3:45

February 2

  • Next Steps @ 8:10 in the library
  • K Team w/ Devin from ECHD @ 3:40

February 3

  • Mtg. w/ John Kustec @ 8:10 in the library

February 4

  • Next Steps @ 8:10 in the library
  • BLT @ 3:45

February 5

  • First Friday-Kindergarten Team

February 6

  • Sign Pick-up @ PHS...11:00-2:00 at the maintenance garage at the southeast corner of the high school. You'll be able to get an entry for each sign you pick-up to win a $250.00 gift card to Kalahari.

February 8

  • Right to Read Week Mtg. @ 3:30 (all are invited to attend)

February 9

  • Fundations Training

February 10

  • Jenn in Columbus/Dr. Mahoney @ Furry
  • Toasted Cheese and Tomato Soup in the cafeteria

February 11

  • Jenn in Columbus/Dr. Mahoney @ Furry

February 12

  • No School
  • Raise your glass! A Toast to Perkins @ Vine and Olive...get your tickets from Pam Shirtz
  • Furry and Meadowlawn students cheer @ PHS basketball game

February 15

  • No School

February 16

  • Fundations Coaching Visit

February 17

  • Taco Salad in the cafeteria

February 18

  • Dine and Donate @ Applebees, 11:00AM-9:00PM
  • LPDC @ 3:30

February 22

  • Special Ed. Mtg. @ 8:10
  • Houghton Mifflin/Journey's Presentation @ 3:45-6:00

February 23

  • Next Steps

February 24

  • 2 Hour Delay-Wellness Committee

February 25

  • Toasted Cheese and Tomato Soup in the cafeteria

February 26

  • Next Steps