Eighth Grade Updates

November 16 - 20

Early Release - November 24th

Students will be released at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 24th for the South Rowan Christmas parade. Lunch will be served and buses will run at this time. We will run a modified schedule for the day.

ELA Updates

Students will begin pre-reading activities for "The Gift of the Magi". They will complete an anticipation guide and provide a rationale for their opinions. Then, they will participate in a "silent conversation" (on paper) with a partner to discuss their ideas about the topics introduced in the anticipation guide. The students will read and annotate the story independently, then formulate an objective summary, which will help them to create a Tweet about the story. Later, they will create higher order thinking questions for the story which will eventually be used in an assessment for the unit.

Math Updates

In Math 8, students are continuing a study of Geometry with volume. After break, we will be doing EOG problem-solving with volume and Pythagorean Theorem. In Math 1, students have been working on linear functions and inequalities and will continue this study while paralleling with material from the eighth grade curriculum in geometry. After break, we will continue with linear equations and inequalities and bring in solving systems of equations.

Science Updates

Good job students on finishing out Chemistry with Balancing Equations you guys did awesome on the test! We are starting a new unit on Molecular Biology. We will not have our weekly Friday test, but will have it on Monday or Tuesday. We will be learning the parts of a cell and how to use a microscope properly. Continue to check the website for updates on the days assignments.

Social Studies Updates

We should wrap up our unit on the Constitution and government principles this week. We will begin our next unit on Westward Expansion with a viewing of America: The Story of US. This gives students a great background to start the unit as we discuss different aspects of the video and perspectives of Americans in the era.

Test this week on the Constitution.

Mills - notebooks due Tuesday, November 24th

November 24 - Early Release Day

November 25-27 Thanksgiving Holiday

December 1-11 Benchmark Testing

December 18 Yearbook Deadline for $5 off

December 21 - January 2 Christmas Holidays

Eighth Grade Contact Information

Mrs. Teri Mills - Teri.Mills@rss.k12.nc.us

Mr. Carl Muolo - Muolo.Carl@rss.k12.nc.us

Mrs. Betsy Finney - Betsy.Finney@rss.k12.nc.us

Mrs. Angie Huntley - Angela.Huntley@rss.k12.nc.us

Mr. Brad Taylor - Bradford.Taylor@rss.k12.nc

Ms. Kelsey McDaniel - Kelsey.McDaniel@rss.k12.nc.us

Mrs. Jennifer Yount - Jennifer.Yount@rss.k12.nc.us

Mrs. Jennifer Pierce - Jennifer.Pierce@rss.k12.nc.us