By Lane Cacek

U.S Imperialism

The U.S took over or imperialized Cuba for a couple reasons. The main reason was because we though if we didn't take over then someone else surly would. THe affect that it had was Cuba was really under the control of the US, they had to come to us and ask if they could do things. Also the US set up a very important military base in Cuba known as guantanamo Bay which is still important today. With the military base there it just increases the U.S influence in Cuba.
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Jose Marti

Jose Marti was a revolutionists in Cuba. He fought for Cuban peoples freedom and was eventually killed because of what he believed and fought for.
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Jose Marti made things harder on the US because he fought for the rights of Cubans and the US was trying to take over Cuba. Whit some of the people there feeling a sense of Nationalism in there country of Cuba it made it harder for the US to come in and take over.

Valeriano Weyler

Valeriano Weyler was a general that controlled Cuba at the time the US was taking over. He killed many Cubans and was a very ruthless general.
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Weyler Also made it hard on the US who was trying to take over because of all of the ruthless and horrible things that he was doing to the people of Cuba