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The Ohio Association of Student Councils, May 2018

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The Ohio Association of Student Councils is an organization dedicated to the teaching of leadership skills, organizational skills, and people skills valuable to the members and officers of all student organizations!

Looking back: State Conference 2018 - Celebrate Life's Journey!

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Thank You, Fort Jennings High School!

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The OASC general membership met for the 65th Annual State Conference on April 26th-28th at Fort Jennings High School. A huge "Thank You!" goes out to the Fort Jennings Student Council members, Superintendent Mr. Langhals, and Student Council Advisor Jeff Jostpille. Thank you to all of the families and host homes that volunteered their time and their homes to make sure OASC students had an excellent place to stay throughout the conference!

Fort Jennings defines the phrase, "small but mighty!" This is the third time Fort Jennings has hosted State Conference as they also hosted in 2007 & 2011. The staff, students and families that have come through OASC programming in the past and present continue to reflect the excellent quality & character of this small town! Thank you Fort Jennings for your continued support of OASC!

State Conference Keynote Speaker: Ed Gerety

Ed Gerety is an author and one of the top professional youth speakers and leadership trainers in the United States. Through his personal experiences, inspirational stories, and powerful lessons, Ed teaches the life skills that are essential for our youth to develop as leaders in school and in life. These skills include respect, citizenship, gratitude, leadership, attitude, and making a difference.

Ed’s programs are relevant and critically important because these life skills are often being overlooked and not taught in today’s fast paced technology driven world.

Whether he’s speaking to students, educators, or parents in middle school, high school or top colleges, Ed has the unique ability to connect with the hearts and minds of his audiences about real issues. He firmly believes that it’s never too early or too late to improve yourself, to start following your dreams, or to strive to be a leader.

To learn more about Ed's High School & Middle School programs or about bringing Ed to your school click here!

Ed Gerety Preview-Youth & Schools
On Thursday night of State Conference, Fort Jennings was generous to sponsor entertainment for the evening - a concert by ATTABOY! Students enjoyed a 45 minute concert by our new favorite band and a few lucky students even got to participate in a lip-sync concert.

ATTABOY is giving away a FREE CONCERT to one lucky OASC school during the 2018-2019 school year! Click here to fill out the form to enter a free concert for your school!

Small Group Workshops

Thank you to our 38 students who served as small group workshop leaders at State Conference. Each presenting team submitted their own unique presentation, activities and handouts! They presented two or three times throughout the weekend. Thank you for giving your time and talents to help our student leaders walk away with new skills and ideas to take home to their schools and communities!

Thank you to our volunteer adult staff for taking time off of work to join us this weekend and help in a variety of ways behind the scenes, but also to evaluate our small group workshop presenters. Niro Wimalasena, Emily Maxon, Renee Catteau, and Chat McKean all provided immediate feedback to help facilitators continue to improve their fantastic small group workshops!

Sister Janice Ernst/Joe Donovan Advisor of the Year: Melanie Williams, Olentangy Orange Middle School

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This year, we are pleased to present the 2018 Sister Janice Ernst/Joe Donovan OASC Advisor of the Year Award to Mrs. Melanie Williams, Advisor at Olentangy Orange Middle School. In nominating Mrs. Williams for this award, a student shared these thoughts:

"Our advisor, Melanie Williams, should be recognized as OASC Advisor of the Year for many different reasons. Mrs.Williams is kind and caring, always wanting what's best for the council and even takes time out of her free time to help improve our council. She gets to know all of the members personally to help grow strong relationships. She provides us with supplies we need to get stuff done, like posters and markers to help advertise, concessions to help raise money for the council, occasionally food for members staying late to help, a Deejay for fundraisers, and most importantly, her love.

She treats us how she would her own children, and always wants the best for us. With her experience within OASC, she knows what's acceptable, and what's not. Williams is also 'hip and cool' meaning she is on our level, she knows what we're going through and she knows we're going through middle school. She loves to let her hair loose and sing and dance with us."

Congratulations, Mrs. Williams! Thank you for continuing to offer such wonderful experiences to your students, and always valuing the programming OASC offers student leaders!

Congratulations, All-Ohio Student Council Members!

Congratulations to the members this year’s All-Ohio Student Council! Your selection for this award recognizes your outstanding service and leadership in your school and community.

Mia Beacom, Olentangy Orange MS

Becca Bennett, Northwest HS

Morgan Boesch, Antwerp HS

Payton Cassel, Medina HS

Abby Cira, Northwest HS

Jaclyn Dacy, Claggett MS

Lexi Davis-Romine, Claggett MS

Ellie Edwards, Revere HS

Becca Fisher, Revere HS

Austin Gambaccini, Medina HS

Nicholas Harper, Northwest HS

Hunter Hess, Sheridan HS

Ryan Hess, Olentangy Orange MS

Adam Howbert, Fort Jennings HS

Amyah Jack, Northwest HS

Elizabeth Judy, Medina HS

Jack Kessler, Port Clinton HS

Diajah Kidd, Northwest HS

Rachel Kraus, Revere HS

Camille Lanese, Grove City HS

Tatum Lather, Olentangy Orange MS

Brooke Lewis, Grove City HS

Tabitha Ludwiczak, Medina HS

Alaina Maddy, Northwest HS

Sierra Massey, Grove City HS

Katie Oberlin, Antwerp HS

Megan Raines, Coventry HS

Nimanthi Ranatunga, William Mason HS

Abby Ray, Revere HS

George Reed, Grove City HS

Maylene Renninger, Grove City HS

Hannah Sauer, Clinton-Massie HS

Madelyn Sheers, Claggett MS

Brandon Smith, Coventry HS

Sabrina Sowa, Medina HS

Giselle Todd, Claggett MS

Megan Varley, Medina HS

Isabella Virag, Coventry HS

Congratulations to the 2018 Dale Hawley Award Winners!

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The Dale Hawley Leadership Award is given annually to students who have generously and consistently shared their time and talents as staff membres for OASC and who have demonstrated a high level of competence in this important role.

The 2018 Dale Hawley Award Winners are (right to left):

Abby Ball, Sheridan High School

Hunter Hess, Sheridan High School

Nimanthi Ranatunga, William Mason High School

Abigail Ray, Revere High School

Alyssa Roberts, Coventry High School

Thank you for your dedication to OASC and the development of all student leaders!

Will you be an OASC Ambassador Award Winner next year?

OASC has created a new award to recognize students who go above & beyond in displaying leadership skills & promoting OASC! Check out this google presentation from State Conference revealing OASC's newest award coming to our 2019 State Conference!

Advisor Programming at State Conference

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OASC is lucky to have a great group of advisors who believe in OASC's mission, vision and programming! These dedicated individuals continue to bring students to OASC programming and work hard to make their home schools a better place for students and staff alike. OASC events could not happen without their time, support and generosity.

Advisors participated in several sessions throughout the weekend. First, advisors and the Fort Jennings faculty had extended time with keynote speaker Ed Gerety. Ed worked with OASC advisors continued to share his experiences working with young people. Through his entertaining style of story telling, he reminded advisors of some important life lessons, and provided some great ideas they could integrate into their own schools.

Laura Calaiacovo, 2017's OASC Advisor of the Year, presented multiple service learning trips Medina High School student council members have participated in. Cal walked advisors through the planning process, and how each activity tied back to various leadership traits and characteristics.

Lastly, advisors shared ideas from their home councils in a "swap shop" session with one another. OASC hopes the weekend re-energized advisors to finish the last few weeks of the school year strong, and will allow for new events and ideas to grow and develop over the summer for an even more successful school year next fall!

Thank you to OASC's outgoing board members!

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Thank you to our outgoing board members! You have each put tremendous time into the organization over the last year and we are happy you have served us on your journey! We will miss you in your State Representative roles, but are looking forward to seeing you at future events!

Payton Cassel, Senior High Representative, Medina HS

Hunter Hess, State Board President, Sheridan HS

Gisselle Todd, Middle Level Representative, Claggett MS

Nimanthi Ranatunga, Senior High Representative, William Mason HS

Ryan Hess, Middle Level Representative, Olentangy Orange MS

Hannah Sauer, Senior High Representative, Clinton-Massie HS

**Not pictured, Debbie McNamara, Adult Board Member, Coventry High School

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Executive Board!

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Congratulations to our newly elected Executive Board Members!

Back row left to right:

Joshua Layne, Middle Level State Representative, Olentangy Orange MS

Melanie Bowman-Williams, Middle Level Adult Representative, Olentangy Orange MS

Angie Marsala, Middle Level Adult Representative, Claggett MS

Lisa Bateson, Senior High Adult Representative, Black River HS

Rafee Zafar, State Board President, Olentangy Orange HS

Robbie McCarty, Senior High Adult Representative, Wellington HS

Front row left to right:

Mia Marsala, Middle Level State Representative, Claggett Middle School

Sydney Cassel, Senior High Representative, Medina HS

Ryan Hess, Middle Level Representative, Olentangy Orange MS

Tani Madichetti, Senior High State Representative, William Mason HS

Alaina Murphy, Senior High State Representative, Grove City HS

State Conference Closing: "I WILL!"

Still wearing that bracelet from Connie’s closing at our Annual State Conference? We would love to hear from you as you move forward on your journey toward fulfilling your commitment. Need a little encouragement? Need some advice? Are you ready to celebrate your achievement? Please take a moment to share your “I WILL…” with us. Just click on the link below to submit your story. Be sure to check future editions of the OASC Newsletter to see the great things being accomplished!

Share your "I will" story here!

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Summer Workshops 2018! Registration CLOSES on June 1st!

Sunday, June 10th, 1pm to Thursday, Aug. 2nd, 1:30pm

Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee

OASC partners with the iBELIEVE Foundation to offer 7 different calendar weeks at multiple college campuses of summer workshop programming! Summer workshop is a 5 day, 4 night summer camp opportunity for student leaders in the middle level program (entering grades 7-9) and the senior high program (entering grades 10-12). These summer programs encourage the development of leadership skills, improves understanding of setting and achieving worthy goals, and inspires young leaders to accept challenges and responsibilities, so they may return to their communities with knowledge, convictions and understanding which will empower them to better all they encounter. Our summer programming also facilitates life long connections between student leaders from all over the state of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and most recently, Kentucky.

We hope you will come to workshop with a desire and the spirit to learn, to try new things, and to share your talents, ideas, and feelings with others. If you do that, we promise you will leave with more information than you ever thought you could remember, with more new friends than you thought you could make, and with a feeling that you can make a positive difference in your school, community, and in the lives of the people you know!

The cost of workshop is $325/delegate. This includes the program materials in addition to room & board for the 5 days at workshop. While scholarships are available, we know this can be a large investment of money for many families - so we want you to start planning now so you can join us in the summer of 2018! If you are in need of a scholarship to attend summer workshop, please fill out this scholarship application, so we can ensure those who are most in need have the assistance required in order to be a part of our summer!

Most students describe their experience as unforgettable, life changing, inspiring, motivating and "one of the best weeks" of their lives. We hope to see you at one of TWELVE workshops being offered! Click here to register today!

June 10-14, 2018 - East Tennessee State University (SH I only)

June 17-21, 2018 - University of Charleston (SH I, II, III), University of Rio Grande (SH I, II, III)

June 24-28, 2018 - Youngstown State University (SH I, II, III and Middle Level), West Liberty University (SH I, II, III)

July 8-12, 2018 - West LIberty University (SH I, II, III), Muskingum University (SH I, II, III)**

July 15-19, 2018 - Marietta University (SH I, II, III), Muskingum University (SH I, II, III)**

July 22-26, 2018 - Otterbein College (SH I, II, III), Eastern Kentucky University (SH I, II only)**, Capital University (Middle Level only)

July 29-Aug 2, 2018 - Eastern Kentucky University (SH I, II only)


Check out this Summer Workshop video made by Max Leu, a member of our staff team!

The iBELIEVE Foundation - Summer Workshop 2017

Exciting news has developed since State Conference!

Scholarships are now available to those most in need of financial assistance in order to attend a Summer Leadership Workshop. Through the generosity of our partner organization, The iBELIEVE Foundation, we will be able to provide a limited number of scholarships in the amount of $100.00 to be applied toward the $325.00 registration fee.

In order to be eligible, students must:

1. Attend an OASC member school

2. Complete the on-line registration form for Summer Leadership Workshop

3. Pay the required $150.00 deposit

The application can be accessed here. Please note – the deadline for

scholarship applications is June 1, 2018, or when all available funds have been awarded.

OASC Branding Survey

Students, parents and administrators - Please complete this brief survey so we are able to evaluate how to best serve all student leaders!

As shared at State Conference, in order to bring sufficient revenue to OASC and also expose as many student leaders to our programming, we need attendance at our year round events to increase! While the feedback on our events continues to reflect the high quality programming and experiences we have always offered our students and member schools, attendance continues to steadily decline. In order to evaluate how to expose more students to our programming, continue to recruit new schools and follow the organizations mission statement of "serving all leaders" we would like some feedback on our organizations name, brand, and current calendar of events. We appreciate you taking 5 minutes to help OASC continue to evolve with our students and schools!

Click here to complete OASC's Branding & Programming Survey!

Looking for a great project? Want to showcase your school and community? We are currently accepting Host School bids for the 2019 OASC State Conference. Interested? Click here to access the information packet. If you have questions, please contact Connie Miley, OASC Executive Director at (937) 751-8530.


Scroll back up in this newsletter for more detailed information about summer workshop! Register today!

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