Brand Loyalty in Customers

ESEUNE Business School Weekly Article

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Nowadays the market is dominated by big brands. They have experience, talent, the best marketing departments and large advertising budget enough to develop their strategies. Consequently, although entrepreneurs would like to become in an important part of the market, most of them do not believe that they can compete directly with big brands so they assume that they are playing in another level.

In fact, there is a way to enter and compete in this branding game. There are two things we must consider. First, nobody is born with brand loyalty or an affinity for Nike, Coke or MacDonald. Second, in the past the brand loyalty was often influenced by reaching people in few television channels or being physically in all of the places. However, today we are living in the Digital Age. Thus, the future customers are smartphones, tablets or computers users. They are influencing the decisions of large swaths of friends with a simple "share" button or witty review. Getting in front of them at this stage is a challenge, but it is much more effective than trying to compete with big brands on the traditional stages.

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Below you can discover five tips for helping you focus your business's efforts on successful way:

1. Connect with your customer.

To relate with your future audience, your brand needs to understand and connect with what they are thinking, stressing and talking about. You have to connect and share with them constantly because their necessities change every day.

2. Be where they are at.

Television is still powerful, but advertises through this channel is extremely expensive and at the present time, the future customers are on social media not just in television. As a result, if you want to reach them, your company must be on social media as well.

Do a research about the entire social media website and then choose the most convenient one for your marketing strategy.

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3. Do not take for granted

The customers are much more informed today than in the past. They consume information from a large number of different sources every day. Do not assume you know what they want. Connect them constantly to understand their changing needs, and then adapt and redefine your strategy.

4. Create a great product.

As important as how well we get the attention and loyalty of customers is to produce amazing products and exceptional experiences. Because, once the doubts about your product begin, your customers will leave.

5. Ask others.

If you do not know how to reach with the customers, then simply take some time and answer these two questions: what do you seek in a brand? And, what makes you buy a certain brand over others?

You bear in mind that customers are thinking, expecting and wishing for living the same experience as you. So, treat them as they way you would like to be treated.


Finally, take into account that to compete with big brands you should not try to compete on the same playing field. Frequently, big brands are immersed in routines, habits and long-established ideas. As a result, their reaction to market trends is slow. That is when you have the option to do faster and get the interest of the customers.