Operation Child Rescue


Getting Ready For 2020's Last Quarter

For Operation Cr, September was a month of planning how to best finish the last 3 months of a trying 2020. More importantly, it was preparation on how we can best serve children during such a difficult time and continue to carry out our mission of improving the quality of life for children in need. In order to execute our mission more effectively, we have been reaching out to other organizations, companies, and people in hopes that they will be willing to become a part of the Operation Child Rescue mission. We are moving to stabilizie our funding in order to give and do more for others. Organizations are still reviewing our proposals but we feel encouraged that our organization moves forward in the world of creating partnerships!

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Nothing would help Operation Cr stabilize its funding than continuing to have the generosity of you and others! If you have a desire to be a part of our mission and to invest in the lives of children and families receiving meals and other resources, then please consider in one of these three ways. You can either mail us your donation (checks should be written to Operation Cr Inc.), or donate to us electronically via Paypal or Facebook. It is our hope that you not only consider giving but also encourage others to do the same. Whether it is a one-time donation or monthly, we are always thankful for any amount you decide to provide to help those in need.

Giving is something where even if everyone does a little, the effects of it can still be enormous. Small amounts, if done by many, can still be multiplied to do more. Consider being a part of something greater- investing in the lives of children today!

Important Reminders!!

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As we are in the last quarter of 2020, we wanted to highlight upcoming events Operation Cr is planning. We are hoping that even with COVID-19 still occurring to do a donation projects to provide children and families with more resources this holiday season in New York. New York (NYC & Long Island) is an area that has experienced great food insecurity and we want to help families have the food they need and we want them to have confidence in knowing where their meals will come from! Stay tuned for announcements on our projects!

We will also have Giving Tuesday towards the end of the year! Giving Tuesday is an international day of giving, where people all over the world donate to charities of their choice. It is a time where the world gives together! What better way to end a difficult 2020 then to end it by uniting together in generosity. We will have a fundraiser on social media platforms that we will announce later that we hope you can share with those you know to help rescue children in need!

It is the last quarter of 2020 and it is our hope that you join with us and making a difference in the world! Only with you and others can we truly make an impact and rescue those in need!