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Hello, my name is Fargas. I am used to be, and now a game addict, and I think I need help. It's gotten to the point were I Have dropped out of high school. And I was wandering if anyone could help me with this addiction, or at least know some one who can. Fargas.

@Fargas, I understand your pain, I was also a game addict. It was so bad, I even lost my job and almost lost everything, but one day, when I was driving home, I got in a car wreck. after that, I realized that the virtual world may be more pleasing, but starring at a screen for all your life isn't something you should do, Life may be tough. But it's the good times that matter. I learned that the hard way, but I hope you don't. Bob.

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Sam, a curious 17 year old hacker, manages to hack into telecom, the most secure and defended server on the internet. That Sam knew of at least. After Sam finally gets what he wanted from the server, just before he leaves one of the admins notice that he is in the server. With the help of 2 of of the most dangerous viruses known as "kamikaze" and "Russian black flu" and his best friend Fargas he manages to escape. Tough The viruses had a little set back, and by that I mean they managed to take down Almost all of The USA's internet for a few weeks.

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Vegas is gone, hidden terrorist dropped a nuclear bomb. You can't even go out side without seeing a police officer or military helicopter now. People have been so addicted to games, that it's like a street drug. And Neuro head sets are becoming the new computer. My name is Sam, I have a best friend named Fargas who used to be a game addict. I am a hacker, I think It's safe to say that I'm one of the best. Or at least I thought I was...

The movie Brain Jack By Brian Falkner, that's coming out soon, is about a hacker named Sam, who manages to hack into telecom, The most secure server on the known internet.

Neuro Headsets.

Neuro Headsets have become the new generation of computer screens, We have changed the way we can see, the way we can hear, and even how we think. we have made a new version of the neuro headset, here shows a picture.. For the fee of only 399.99$ You can get this latest version! So buy now!


"Hacking is like a stealth game, just don't get caught being where you shouldn't be." - Me.
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