Idea for next school year 2016-2017


This idea has one team becoming a VERTICAL TEAM. All other teams will stay the same. The Vertical Team will consist of K,1,2,3,4 grades. This team will be located where 3rd grade currently is. 3rd grade will move to 4th grade hall. Science lab,PTA, and PACE will need to move. Suggest science lab move next to Welch. PTA move to 1 grade room and PACE move to a 1st grade room. Suggest 1st grade and kinder to shift rooms a little bit. Also maybe the Vertical Team can have the extra room by them as a common work area for their students.
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There are 7 teams with this idea. Block will need to move to a 45 min class. 2 or 3 min between each Block class.

Ex Schedule:

7:50 - 8:35 TEAM 1

8:37 - 9:22 TEAM 2

9:24 - 10:09 TEAM 3

10:11 - 10:56 TEAM 4

11:00 - 11:30 BLOCK LUNCH

11:30 - 12:15 BLOCK CONFERENCE

12:15 - 1:00 TEAM 5

1:02 - 1:47 TEAM 6

1:50 - 2:35 TEAM 7


One more 30 min lunch will need to be added to the schedule or 4th grade could combine with another grade level since the 4th grade team has only 3 classes.


One idea is that students in the vertical teams would stay on that team from K to 4th. This give teachers a huge advantage for building relationships with their students. Parents will also know who their child's teacher will be each year.