Outgoing Global Citizen Program Department 14/15

Welcome once again to TUDCO family in LC UUM

Dear Nafis, Mei Chyi & Pei San

Hi, Good Evening

I'm Sean @ Tan Ghee Sean, first of all I would like to say again welcome to this big department which we have 11 members in this department (surely included 3 of you, haha^.^). Oh Yeah, the TUDCO words which is the culture I set to the team in abbreviation form, its stand for a certain meaning for sure.

T stand for : Transparent
U stand for : Unity

D stand for : Determination

C stand for : Curiosity

O stand for : Open Minded

Feel free to ask me if you need more clarification with the team culture that we have, and for sure team culture is designed to be practice not for hanging over there only. (^.^)

The purposes of sending this email to 3 of you are to share with you all about few things :

I) What is our department doing & Past Achievement from last winter.

II) Our members brief Information (Included handsome and pretty pictures Wootwootss)

I) What is oGCPer doing, basically we are incharge of Assessing EP, Raising EP, Matching EP , providing some necessary service to equip EP like workshop and Outgoing Preparation Seminar[Prepare they mind, goal setting, Exchange Participant Policy delivery and so on] before they go to exchange.

We also provided after exchange service which is Re-Integration [prepare the space for EP to share their story in front of others and also recap back what they have done during exchange, connect back their thoughts during exchange to make a long live impact]. So I just brief you all what our department until here, will share more during our meeting time or free time, and expected 3 of you to question VP and directors automatically.

Our In-campus past achievement from last winter was :
UUM pool -23 Raised

9 Matched

9 Realized

Yes !! it is quite obvious that we have some achievement in UUM pool from last winter, however we have more to go than the number above. As good leaders always said, if your goal doesn't scared you mean it is not big enough, so I will update you all our department goals during our next department meeting. Stay tune !!

Following up is the brief information about the members that in this department, enjoy it with some snacks ^^.

Sean Tan @ Tan Ghee Sean (LCVP oGCP)

I would like to introduce you about myself, I origin from Penang Mainland, turning 23 Years old this year(omfg so old), my hobby is, read management books, bowling(New find), read Technology & Soccer news and searching news how to make healthy breakfast (new find). Haha, I'm taking Accounting Information System and currently semester 6(2nd last semester in UUM).

My latest Belbin role is Team Worker and Complete Finisher, oh yeah, so I consider myself a goal-oriented mean while a people-oriented leader as well. I would like to leave a question to 3 of you that, what learning that you could foresee from me and your director (keep in mind 1st, haha this is the first task).

Jelly Haii @ Yeap Chea Hai (In-Campus Director)

He is a guy obviously.^^ His next birthday is 22 years old, even he look quite young, but do not get cheat by his young face,muahaha. He origin from Kulai, Johor . His hobby is pillow talk (sounds special because he don't know how to describe it, haha ask him to clarify more).He is taking Economic Course in our University (Sound talented, woohoo).

His Belbin role is a team worker and Implementer in the team and also a good listener all the time, feel free to talk to him more because you are new and 3 of you will be allocate under his Leadership as In-Campus JE.

Xin Joe @ Khor Xin Joe (Out-Campus Director)

Tadaa!! She is the Out-Campus director who incharge AIMST University Ra-Ma-Re. Woot Woots, she turning 22 years old this year as well. She origin from Sungai Petani, Kedah, taking Human Resource Management course in UUM. Her hobby are backpack (now I only know backpack is a hobby instead of a wish, LOL), Travelling and Eat Food (quite obvious ^.^)

Her latest belbin role is Monitor Evaluator and Shaper, she playing her shaper role to always challenge her team to move forward even though out-campus is a very though path, even she is short but she is tough enough, do not give up spirit can always be seen from, you all may approach her how to build up such spirit in this department.

Zakirah @ Zakirah binti Zakaria ( In-campus JE)

One of the pretty yet shy shy girl in our department, turning 21 years old in this year, she origin from Kelatan, taking Accounting course in UUM , professional course yeah, but haven't develop to be profession yet, fortunately is she willing to learn, develop and equip herself. (One day, this girl gonna be different) Her hobby are .

Her latest belbin role test is shaper and Resource Investigator, however she haven't show any element of this two role yet, maybe is too introvert, but I believe one day she will show it out to all of us. I have faith on her.

Sin Ngoh @ Geow Sin Ngoh ( In-Campus JE)

Another pretty girl from our department ( so many pretty girl, wootwoots) turning 21 years old this year also, she origin from Melaka, wearing brace and spec, a typical school girl but also showing a high potential to become more pretty in the future. (Geek, geek) Her hobby is exercise, but why exercise ya? maybe muscular boy can be seen always on the sport ground, haha (I'm totally kidding, you may ask her for clarification).

Her latest belbin role test specialist and Implementer, haha, sometimes is good to have specialist in the department which they clearly understand the process and value of the department. So do approach Sin Ngoh if you need help or information for the oGCP RaMaRe process and others related activity.

Ching Ling @ Thien Ching Ling ( Out-Campus JE)

Before Nafis in, he is the only male JE in the team, turning 21 this year, origin from Sarawak, taking International Business course in UUM (might be entrepreneur in one day, so he is developing his entrepreneurship and leadership now, wuuhuuu) His hobby are reading, jogging, and hiking (damn healthy guy with a little muscle built).

His latest belbin role is Implementer and Co-ordinator, he is the only JE who managed to match 4 EPs last winter, so this shown why his role is implementer, the commitment of Ching Ling shown during meeting is always top on the JE list, I can say he has the good learning attitude to become a leader of himself.

Tasneem @ Tasneem Sani (Out-Campus JE)

Our Oldest member in the house. 2 years older than me, muahahaha, this girl nationality is Thailand, but she is from Saudi Arab since she born, so I also don't know where she origin from, haha (approach her to ask more). She is currently taking Human Resource Management in UUM also,Her hobby are reading and communicating with others (talk to her more if you want)

Her latest belbin role test is Specialist and Plant, so if you have any doubt regarding department operation may approach her instead of me and directors, not only because she is specialist in this department but her knowledge and creative ideas as well.

Cheah En @ Tan Cheah En (Out-Campus JE)

The sometimes blur blur girl, she is smart though. She turning 20 years old this year.(Ahhh, youngest in the team) She origin from Alor Setar, Kedah. She is taking Accounting course in UUM, one of the professional course in UUM. Her hobby is doing something ( see how blur she is ), a very interesting hobby that she provide to us. But she is really good in implement task as she join quite a lot of activites in UUM apart from AIESEC yet still can show the commitment and remain good result.

Her latest belbin role is Plant and Team Worker, So sometimes even she is blur but still manage to contribute idea to the team, and a pistachio nuts in the team, because she laugh even a small things ( you try to make her laugh see and you will know am I right or not).

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A Six Weeks Journey Worth Sharing for a Life Time

So, I guess you all may have some pictures and understanding in your mind about what is our department, what are we doing and past achievement as well as members information, but I do hope you all may share to us your personal information like how we shared above to let us also have some understanding to all of you. Besides that, you all may share some feeling after being allocate to this department during our next department meeting on coming Sunday (09th March 2015), I really wish could do something for you all as your VP.

I will end this email with one of my all time favorite song. <It's Time> from Imagine Dragons.

#It'sTimetoLearn #It'sTimetoGrow #ItisNoworNever #oGCP1415 #ASixWeeksJourneyWorthSharingForALifeTime #FxxxingDoit #84DaysLeft

Imagine Dragons - It's Time