Cooks Chronicle

August 2019

Welcome Back!

Hello Cooks Families!
I'm excited to be starting my 5th year as the Principal at Cooks! Each year has been a wonderful, unique experience, and I can't wait to go through this year's journey with you!

We have a few new staff members joining us this year:
Mrs. Crowley- Food Service
Mrs. Humpfer- 5th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Bock- Kindergarten Aide
Mrs. Hinton- Instructional Aide
Mrs. Campbell- Instructional Aide
Miss Dunlop- 4th Grade Teacher (while Mrs. Warren is on Maternity leave)
Mrs. Riegle- Music Teacher at Cooks & Flint Lake
Mrs. Martinez- Secretary/Treasurer
Mrs. Morrey- Social Worker
Daisy- Therapy Dog
Please help us welcome them when you see them!

Our theme this year is derived from my expectations for all staff: Build relationships with students, have high expectations for all, and to have fun! We want school to be a place where children feel safe and want to learn!

Dream Big.
Work Hard.
Have Fun.
Stick Together.

Here's to another great year!!

Dismissal Procedures

Tomorrow your child will bring home a card with your child’s last name that should be displayed on your passenger window or visor anytime you are picking your child up from school in the car dismissal line. This card will help our staff determine who you are here to pick up so that we can send your child to your car promptly and ensure that our car dismissal line keeps moving. Our car line moves pretty quickly since our buses load students in a completely different area of the parking lot.

Please note that all cars entering the car dismissal line should enter the parking lot from the Campbell Street entrance only. Please be courteous to our buses and allow them priority when entering the parking lot. Once you have entered the parking lot, proceed to take your place in one of the double lines that will form at the back side of the parking lot parallel to Campbell Street. Once you have pulled forward to where the double line merges into one line, please take turns pulling your car forward to the front entrance of the school. Your child will be sent to your car and must enter the car on the curb side only. Please do not get out of your car to help your child. We want to keep everyone safe at all times!!

Anytime your child will be a car rider, please notify your child’s teacher and the school office via a note sent to school that morning with your child, or by emailing your child’s teacher AND Mrs. Martinez ( in the office before 11:00am. This ensures that your message is being seen since our teachers are busy teaching during the day and don’t always have time to check their emails.

If you need an additional last name card, please notify Mrs. Martinez in the office. Thank you for your cooperation with our afterschool dismissal procedures. Our number one priority is to keep everyone safe!

Construction on Campbell

The Valparaiso City Utilities Department is conducting a water main project on Campbell Street that may affect school traffic. The project is currently in progress and will continue for the next several weeks. We encourage our car riders to allow an extra few minutes to get to and from school or utilize our district bus transportation.

Purchasing Agendas & Paying Book Rental

If your child is in 3rd, 4th or 5th grade they will need to purchase an agenda. To do this, please send $3 in an envelope with your child's name written on the front to be turned in to the teacher. We will fill the orders in the office. Thank you!

Book Rental:
Fees have not been assigned in Skyward, therefore we are unable to accept any payments. We will let you know when those are updated! Thank you for your patience!

Back to School Parent Night

Thursday, Aug. 22nd, 6pm

358 Bullseye Lake Road

Valparaiso, IN

Join us for our Back to School Parent Night on August 22nd to learn about our goals for the year and to get more information about your child's classroom. (While we love having your children at school, this event is just for parents.)

6:00pm – 6:25pm

Staff Introductions with Mrs. Miller & Parent Presentation

6:30pm – 6:50pm

Kdg., 1st & 2nd Grade Parents: Classroom Teacher Presentation in your child’s classroom

3rd, 4th & 5th Grade Parents: Refreshments in the Cafeteria; visit Art, P.E., Music, STEM classrooms

6:55pm – 7:10pm

Kdg., 1st & 2nd Grade Parents: Refreshments in the Cafeteria; visit Art, P.E., Music, STEM classrooms

3rd, 4th & 5th Grade Parents: Classroom Teacher Presentation in your child’s classroom

Additional parking is available at the Administration building and Growing Kids.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Food Guidelines Reminders

Our Wellness Policy gives us leverage to do different things in different buildings based on

need. That being said, here are some guidelines for Wellness and Healthy Eating in our school.

We have quite a few children with potentially SEVERE allergies which we have taken into consideration in the development of this list.


Birthdays are fun to celebrate! If your child chooses to bring a treat, only NON-FOOD items are allowed.

Examples of non-food goodies: Pencils, Books, Erasers, Magnets, Crayons, or a class donation

Birthday Book…Your child can be honored with his/her name inside a book donated to your child’s classroom or the CCEL library!


We allow two parties a year, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. The same policy exists as with birthdays; only NON-FOOD items are to be brought in.


If an occasional teacher wants to do a math/reading project using food it MUST BE APPROVED by the principal and checked by the nurse plenty of time before the project. All food will ONLY BE EATEN IN THE CAFETERIA. Hands MUST be washed before returning to class.


If a snack is deemed necessary it must be provided by the parent, who must be present while the food is being eaten. All food will ONLY BE EATEN IN THE CAFETERIA. Hands MUST be washed after eating/handling any food and before going anywhere else in the building.