Cristiano Ronaldo

biography by: Alexander F

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Cristiano Roanldo is a pro soccer player


Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Maderia,Portugal on February 5,1985.

He was the youngest of four children.

Cristiano got his name after ronald Reagan,a favorite actor of his Dad.

Ronaldo loved soccer so much insted of him doing homework he would sneak outside with a soccer ball and play soccer.

he started to play soccer when he was 9 in a youth league with the team Andorinha.


At age 17 he joined the best team in Portugal.
Manchester paid 12 million for Cristiano to play with them in 2003.
In 2003 Ronaldo joined an English team called Manchester United and helped them win the English Championship.
In 2004 Ronaldo played with Portuguese in the Olympic games.
Cristiano Ronaldo played in the world cup in 2006.
In 2007 he was named the best soccer player in England and the best Portuguese.
People know Ronaldo because of his speed and dribbling skills.
In 2009 Real Madrid paid 131 million to play with them.

Research Questions

Cristiano Ronaldo had a positive effect on the society because he would give Portuguese kids presents on Christmas.

Cristiano Ronaldo paid an entire operation that was 50,000 and every session was 5,000 for a little kid.

Ronaldo's life changed when Lionel Messi became the world's greatest soccer player.

I would describe Cristiano Ronaldo amazing because he is talented for his skills at controlling the ball.

I chose Cristiano Ronaldo Because is very interesting to learn about his childhood and his carrer.

The thing that makes Ronaldo special is that he helps kids with cancer.

The thing that i learned about Ronaldo is that he got his name after a famous actor Ronald Reagan.

When he won his 3 Golden Ball

Very few soccer player get a golden ball because, you need to pass alot But the most golden balls someone got was 4 and that player was Messi.
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